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What’s the worst thing someone caught you doing?

I might share mine later cause idk if I should tell or not
Malchya · M her picture.
PinkPunk · F
mum catching me looking at porn
funfan · 46-50, M
Me, too! lol
Hoppee · F
@funfan: yes
funfan · 46-50, M
with a straight face they told you that? OMG x 1000! lol
chocolatecupcakes · 22-25, F
sneaking out after curfew
chocolatecupcakes · 22-25, F
@CherryFlower: really and they don't get mad? lucky
Hoppee · F
@AnimeGamer: of course they did!!
chocolatecupcakes · 22-25, F
@CherryFlower: oh ok
Nothing comes to mind. It could just be that I didn't think what I was caught doing was that bad, but I'm also very careful, and unassuming to boot. ;)
Honestly I feel the same way. I'll tell you if u message me privately 😘
Well aren't u bossy 😋 maybe I don't wanna🤔I am blacklisted...😎
Hoppee · F
what does blacklisted mean?
Anything u want it too baby 😎 lol im sure I've been flagged for something or another...
TheBluePrince · 26-30, M
😞 you guys are creeps. She is taken dont forget that😡

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