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I just heard on the radio that a good sense of humour is a sign of intelligence.

Also, sharing a laugh with someone is a form of intimacy.

Knock Knock.
Matt85 · 36-40, M
Good humour, usually has an element of truth -one foot in reality- why I can't remember this ever is a mystery to me.
@Matt85 Is sarcasm just a humorous way of expressing your truth?
Matt85 · 36-40, M
@Ghostinthemachine Yeah, I guess so. It tells the truth by proposing the opposite.
@Matt85 exactly, which is kind of clever if you think about it
Nanori · F
Babe if u wanna do me all u have to do is jump on me, no need to knock
@Nanori I just grab em by the pussy
Nanori · F
@SW-User *grabs ur pussy*
@Nanori Sexist pig!!
bookerdana · M
knock knock jokes being the exception to the rule 😏
@bookerdana His first film, Zulu, and The Man Who Would Be King, for me.

Also Get Harry
bookerdana · M
@Ghostinthemachine The Quiet American...Graham Greene,I missed The Man Who Would Be King
@bookerdana Austin Powers: Gold Member 😂
*hides until the knocking stops* 😐
@Colonelmustardseed an alternative response…thinking outside of the box…definitely a sign of intelligence🧑‍🎓
@Ghostinthemachine This is how people tend to interpret my social anxiety. 😂 Seriously. 😅
@Colonelmustardseed I believe you! The less I say, the more intelligent people think I am. “He’s a listener” they will say. I will quietly nod in agreement 😆
exchrist · 31-35
@Spectra I see what you did there

And here 😏
Spectra · 22-25, F
@Ghostinthemachine Sorry I couldn’t resist 😇
@Spectra resistance is futile 👽
Laughing is one form
There are others ....
@Ghostinthemachine I'll have you know that I've been spelunking
@SW-User so have I.
Does that make us Lunkheads?
Nah it prob means you're just easily entertained.
@SW-User Nah, my attention span is excelle…oh look, another post….
I laughed at this post. Is that any indication of my IQ? 🥸😎
@CookieCrumbs I am totally serious about the quality of my doughnuts 😐
Ok il take you seriously… I need proof though.
@CookieCrumbs I have been known to go out of my way and travel great distances to try a new doughnut place with a good reputation 😋
Sidewinder · 36-40, M
And if you don't have a good sense of humor, you're better off dead.
@Sidewinder Even if you have a wicked sense of humour you might end of dying laughing 😂 😵
Spectra · 22-25, F
Who’s there?
@Spectra Luke
Spectra · 22-25, F
@Spectra Luke through the peephole to see who’s at the door!
2cool4school · 46-50, F
Go away…
@2cool4school I’ve got your freshly washed, and warm towel
2cool4school · 46-50, F
@Ghostinthemachine Hmm 🤔 highly tempting…
@2cool4school I assure you, this will not happen if you answer the door
akindheart · 61-69, F
ok I will play...who's there?
@akindheart Europe.
I dunno about that. There's a lot I could say about feminists, but I wouldn't say they're that dim. Germans too
I think your reply was meant for the post three doors over @ImperialAerosolKidFromEP
empanadas · 31-35, M
Lies!! I'm living proof that's false
@empanadas Wasn’t Dwight intelligent?
[image deleted]

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