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Don’t you dislike uncles and cousins?

I dislike mine. I feel they are just snobs that don’t respect me or like me for no reason.
Gaiia · F
... I don't really dislike them, but i rather don't be close to them cause we're very different, completely different.
Thr last time I've saw them years ago i felt out of place with them.
And also when I see them on social media, I feel we're very different.
I like one cousin though, to talk to rarely though
Gaiia · F
@ChangeYourDestiny do you have to see them often?
@Gaiia no and they avoid me. We are just too different in many ways to relate to each other.
Gaiia · F
@ChangeYourDestiny well you're not alone ☺️☺️☺️ feel the same way
DarkSideoftheMoon · 31-35, F
Same mine act like they have to tolerate us at events. Like i get forced to go to their stupid things but tgey dont really want me there its just because theyd look like asses if we werent
Omg, my relatives are the same way. My uncle and his wife won’t let us go drink coffee at their house once a year but my uncle comes to our homes and talks loudly for hours giving us a headache. It seems like many people don’t respect their family anymore. It’s just sad that people do that to each other. Maybe your aunt is secretly jealous of your mother and that’s why she keeps a distance. @DarkSideoftheMoon
DarkSideoftheMoon · 31-35, F
@ChangeYourDestiny yeah idk. My mom says family should stick together no matter what and even if theyre toxic and hurt you theyre still family and you have to get over it or try to not be so sensitive. People say things they dont mean. I completely disagree with this but shes hellbent on it. My aunt never said what her issue was so noone knows.

Its crazy how they probably are more respectful to strangers than their own loved ones
They are more respectful to strangers than their own flesh and blood. It’s sad that family can be the enemy when it should be the opposite. Tell your mother not to get upset . Some people just like to distance themselves from others. Your mom sounds like she has a good heart and not everyone will be like her. Most people are cold blooded and cruel. @DarkSideoftheMoon
smiler2012 · 56-60, M
can understand what you say i have an auntie and cousin like that . we where classed as the poor relations of the family and made it rather plain what they thought .no time for such snobbery life is far too short basically [destinycalling]
Torsten · 31-35, M
cousins I get on with for the most part. My uncles could drop dead though and I wouldnt give a shit
I don’t know why uncles are mostly aholes. I prefer my cousins over my uncles too. @Torsten
Torsten · 31-35, M
@ChangeYourDestiny I cant speak for all uncles but mine are child molesting pieces of shit.
My sons uncles are great though, so I dont think its all uncles but seems most people have issues with their uncles
My uncles and cousins are very helpful and supportive.
You’re soo lucky 😥@ABCDEF7
Catzgano · 26-30, F
Some are great. Some are ok. Some are disturbing perverts
I never had a great uncle. They’re all shit @Catzgano
TheCaterpillar · 41-45, F
I love my cousins
Not all; not unilaterally at least... I felt one always talked down to me always; he has softened in years, but now he has a wife always in panic attacks, and I wonder 'how did you support my Aunt, if you want your criticism placed back on you?'

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