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nervous over eye check

[c=004A59][i]nervous about health appointment

i have an up coming appointment to have my eyes screened because i manage type 2 diabetes, and my eyes are checked at intervals, i haven't had my eyes checked for about over a year because i was unable to travel to the last venue because i have mental health problems as well and cannot travel far because i get anxious and paranoid.

so as this appointment is approaching, my thoughts are racing with 'what ifs' what if they find something wrong with my eyes?

earlier this year was at the optician to have my eyes checked and they told my eyes was okay.....but this next appointment is a more in depth scan.

what can i do?[/i][/c]
twiigss · M Best Comment
Don't feel bad. I'm sure your eyes are better than mine. I have astigmatism in my right eye, have had it, well I know when I got my driver's license back in 1994 I was told I'd have to wear glasses.

Fast forward to 2014-2015 and I had to get a new monitor, well every so often I'd see this weird looking thing in my vision, turns out it was the monitor causing it, long story short, I woke up one morning and when I went out to go driving, I saw the straight yellow line on the road had a curve in it.

Having my eye checked it's apparently Central Serous Neuropathy or something like that. Fluid has leaked and gotten in behind the retina that's why now my left eye is all screwed up. Meaning: I can't even go to get new glasses, because here in the US when they do the eye test to see which eye you can see out of better for getting new glasses, they do one eye at a time. Until I get this fixed, which probably won't ever happen, I'm unable to see clearly enough to be able to say A looks better than B.
ravenhill · 46-50, M
@twiigss hey , thankyou for answering, its today my test, im so nervous...what you said about your eyes is it concerning? will your eyes be alright? i hope your eyes are okay...when you said it was your monitor, did you have to get another monitor in the end? or just limit the time you are on your computer?

my mother told me to have regular breaks from the computer and i made the mistake of not doing...spending all day everyday at the pc for years, so hopefully i'll be okay, ill be more conscious now of taking breaks...i'm scared of anything clinical twiigss...so petrified they'll find something wrong...but i must think positive...hope you have a great day, regards.

twiigss · M
So my right eye right now is better than my left eye. But with those eye tests I was getting they told me my right eye will do the same, with the fluid leak behind the retina, it has happened a little but I can still see normal out of the right eye.

When I was initially diagnosed the doctor said it's stress related, nothing to do with looking at a monitor. It was an AOC monitor. I stay away from those now. I still feel like it was that specific monitor that caused it.

I haven't really cut down on my computer time. I can spend a whole day on it to be honest.

I think the only way my left eye might get better is to have a cold laser therapy but my body was freaking out over having a needle just stuck in my arm and when I went to lean forward on my chair to readjust, the doctor thought I was passing out and lifted me up out of the chair, so I never went back.

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