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Vaccine news

Well I got vaccinated but I feel like shit!
{@instructher ] 馃槥 sorry to here this alas this is one of the side effects of this vaccine but i think if you weigh up the odds feeling grotty is better than a life threaten virus like corona virus .out of interest where you not given a leaflet explaining the side effects or told about them before you consented to the injection
InstructHer56-60, M
@smiler2012 the leaflet was after lol but considering I responded to my GP's invitation that is understandable.
@InstructHer a bit backward do you not think you would not take a medication prescribed by a doctor without checking side effects
InstructHer56-60, M
@smiler2012 no I trust my GP.
becca00f22-25, F
You are doing better than my aunt. she got her vac (completely healthy) 2 days later in hospital, 2 days after that we were at her wake.
anoderod5561-69, M
@becca00f That is sad news . Prayers for your families
iamlonelyallthetime46-50, M
@becca00f i really really feel for you
helenS36-40, F
Congratulations! 馃尫
Discomforts will be over soon.
InstructHer56-60, M
@helenS indeed.
your body is suppose to react
it is good
InstructHer56-60, M
@Ingwe yes I taking it that my body is full out producing the anti bodies
Jill199031-35, F
Good for you - you鈥檒l feel fine tomorrow :)
Not uncommon after an injection especially one to fight off a bacterial infection. Raises your body temperature.
@becca00f understood
butterflybaby7546-50, F
@becca00f And even more specifically Covid is just one of a very large range of known corona viruses. There is another big strand of viruses called rhino viruses.
becca00f22-25, F
@butterflybaby75 Covid 19 just means it is the line of Covid that appeared in fall of 2019. My uncle took a virus class in college and one of the strains they looked at was covid.
Nhippely36-40, F
probably better than having the virus - I'm getting the jab tonight
InstructHer56-60, M
@tindrummer that's the thing.

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