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Do we have another pandemic?! 馃槯

Is Leftist Disease going undetected? Could this explain what's stalking our country and causing so much human suffering?

When a normal healthy brain is damaged with brain disease, it sometimes leads to a pathological "liberal shift" or a reduced tendency to logic and reason in political ideology.

From the National Institute of Health:

[quote]Differences in political ideology are a major source of human disagreement and conflict. There is increasing evidence that neurobiological mechanisms mediate individual differences in political ideology through effects on a conservative-liberal axis. This review summarizes personality, evolutionary and genetic, cognitive, neuroimaging, and neurological studies of conservatism-liberalism and discusses how they might affect political ideology. What emerges from this highly variable literature is evidence for a normal right-sided "conservative-complex" involving structures sensitive to negativity bias, threat, disgust, and avoidance. This conservative-complex may be damaged with brain disease, sometimes leading to a pathological "liberal shift" or a reduced tendency to conservatism in political ideology.[/quote]
Marga18-21, F
In the United States the conservatives have their voter base geographically centered exactly where education is poorest and religiosity is highest. This is evidence for conservatism exacerbating a very delusional thus harmful state.
@Marga God is only one name or description among many I'm apt to use. I don't consistently assign gender, either. It's only used due to language.
@Marga That statement is false. I'm not religious. You don't even know what religious means. You're obviously too small-minded for discussion. Adios.
Rolexeo26-30, M
@Marga Leftists are more brain diseased actually, they have a monopoly on mental illness, that's documented. Also low iq poverty stricken areas are overwhelmingly democrat
If being a leftest is a disease then to quote the philosopher D.M. Carter: [quote]Motherfucker I鈥檓 ill[/quote]
Makes sense. The lgbt people and other leftists would have to be sick in the head to engage in that amoral behavior
@Stargazer89 That's a logical conclusion. 馃
@DffrntDrmmr and if you look at how society is, feminism creates all sorts of issues within families and communities

People drift away from moral living

If the supreme court actually undoes gay marriage, consider it a win for this nation's future
Barefooter2546-50, M
@TheOneyouwerewarnedabout How dare you???? 馃槄馃槄馃ぃ
Mamapolo201670-79, F
You edited out a couple of sentences at the end.

[quote]This conservative-complex MAY BE damaged with brain disease, sometimes leading to a pathological "liberal shift" or a reduced tendency to conservatism in political ideology. [u]Although not deterministic[/u]findings recommend further research on politics and the brain[/quote]
@Mamapolo2016 Not "a couple of" but just one not particularly relevant sentence, but yeah, society needs to know how deep of a problem brain damaged "liberal shift" is. Maybe it's a pandemic! That sure could explain a LOT of things these days, couldn't it? 馃
Leftist compared to what? In Europe & the UK, I'd be a conservative, but the US right-wing calls me "leftist." European & UK conservatives support universal health care, strict gun control, access to abortion, and carbon reduction to reduce global warming. That's what conservatism looks like in most of the developed world.
@ElwoodBlues Perhaps the disease started in Europe and spread from there. Should we call it the Eurovirus? 馃
@ElwoodBlues You get what I'm saying, right? The disease seems to have weakened by the time it crossed the ocean to the US... 馃
did you know?

懈谢芯薪 屑邪褋泻 褍锌褉邪胁谢褟械褌 褋芯谢薪械褔薪褘屑懈 谢褍褔邪屑懈
@lovelywarpedlemon China's Mars rover reportedly saw "Elon Was Here" written on a red rock.
Fairydust46-50, F
The cure is the disease 馃拤
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@windinhishair blah blah blah... 馃檮
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