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Is florida start using Ivermectin now ?
hippyjoe1955 · 61-69, M
The use of ivermectin should be very widespread. It is proven both safe and effective and what's more very inexpensive. Not sure why the world got off the rails with the stupid vaxes that in the very near future will be shown to have killed more people than the virus. I do notice how the story is starting to change as it is becoming more and more obvious that the hospitals are full of vaxed people while the unvaxed don't suffer major illnesses at all.
Love this idea. There's more and more affordable properties available in Florida because Republican cult members are dying off like flies under Desantis. The more that dies off...the more beachfronts for sale....and the less voters to beat in 2022. But on the brightside........none of you will have Round Worms at the autopsy. ;-) ;-)
[@1221887,doong] Well.......yeah. The vaccinated aren't dying...and the supply of dummies that refuse to vax are being whittled down everyday. Some getting over it so they have enough antibodies to head toward herd immunity..and some are sent to the morgue everyday. At some point you have to expect the 48%---56% that refuse vaccines will be running out of people to become infected and/or die.
doong · 51-55, M
[@539720,anythingoes477] Vaccine is just for Compliance. Ivermectin is assurance 😁
MissTaken · 31-35, F
I do wonder if they have fully considered the possible side effects of Invermectin.

[image deleted]
hippyjoe1955 · 61-69, M
[@831692,MissTaken] there are no side effects. Ivermectin has been shown to be safe for humans since 1998. It is safer than aspirin. It is a required medicine according to the WHO. Most places in the world you can buy it over the counter like you do cough drops. Do try to keep up. you keep making a fool of your self.
MissTaken · 31-35, F
[@10033,hippyjoe1955] When did you have the Humour Bypass Operation. If it’s so safe as you claim how come 2 recent deaths in New Mexico from taking it have occurred
Is that the horse de-wormer?
SaturdayhasTURDinit · 41-45, M
Take some I hear it make your penis horse sized!!!
Those morons would rather use horse dewormers than a vaccination intended to prepare the body to fight off COVID-19, and I'm guessing you're prepared to join them.
doong · 51-55, M
[@1201381,LordShadowfireTheSarcastic] It's way more intelligence idea than those shitty vaccines. Proven worldwide.
[@1221887,doong] Fine. Eat your horse dewormer. The rest of us will try [i]proven[/i] medical techniques that work to protect against viruses. Just please do me a favor and stay home, instead of clogging up the hospitals when you get sick.

[c=800000]And you [i]will[/i] get sick.[/c]

99% of new cases now are in the unvaccinated. But of course, [i]you're[/i] going to tell me I'm full of crap because some YouTuber in mommy's basement said otherwise.

Oh, and just by the way, if you do get it, you've got a [c=800000][i]60% chance[/i][/c] of spending the rest of your life with COPD. So I'm trying to help you understand, even though at this point I'm convinced you never will.

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