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Do meat eaters forget eggs and dairy have b12 and complete protein?

Or are they just incapable of telling the difference between vegans and vegetarians?
It's a classic straw man fallacy by the anti-vegetarians. They really can't find fault with people who choose vegetarianism so they make up some other target to attack. I honestly don't understand why a person's choice to be vegetarian is so triggering to some meat eaters.
XForbiddenDesiresX · 26-30, F
This reminds me I was vegetarian for 6 years due to some health issues. And every single fucking soul told me “oh so you don’t eat beef?” Like yeah. Or chicken, or fish or pork. No meats at all. lol. The last 3 years I got back into eating meat but can only occasionally handle beef or pork.
LordShadowfire · 46-50, M
Well, somebody's frustrated today. Been having a frustrating conversation?
@LordShadowfire this is the way I always communicate. It’s why people always accuse me of being rude or angry but nope. This is my flavor of autism. I speak very bluntly and my brain gets fascinated by a particular topic and hyper fixates.
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LordShadowfire · 46-50, M
@MorbidCynic Also, I might be slightly autistic.

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