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To all who reply to my post and say hurtful words

You do not know a thin avout me how can you be so hurtful and inconsiderate. I am from a poor country and dont have good education or know english well. So stop being judgemental and give people a chance before you say something
I still say it's a guy pretending to be a girl. Says they want to talk about "intimate" things, but only with women 馃槀
@Adamski24 but some don鈥檛 no that way
Adamski2441-45, M
@Funlov unfortunately that is true
reflectingmonkey51-55, M
here is a way to prove who you are: take a paper, write "hello similar worlds , I am skyleng" , take a selfy of yourself holding the paper and then post it right here as an answer to my post.
Don鈥檛 take it to hart many people on here think they are always right and everyone else is wrong
People here are used to many fake profiles, they are a daily issue as a new one pops up. Often there are key indicators that make everyone question the validity of the post. It means people will not want to engage in with real responses until they are sure.
Skyleng22-25, F
@Jorogumo thanks that really help me
Muthafukajones46-50, M
@Jorogumo why not be direct and say鈥
I want to talk about gay homosexual perverted things that are gay and homosexual.
@Muthafukajones yes exactly! Then we will know not to talk to them.
Well to be fair your other post could be highly misconstrued as ultra pervy.. idk if you meant it to be that way or not but since we don't know you.. for all we know you could be some random dude impersonating a girl and all that to be weird online
Amen. You can know already that you don't want to be friends with those people anyway.

Just stay away from this guy
his one guy that always thinks his right then blocks you his a pussy
IWasCallingYaLarry26-30, M
I'm sorry people have been giving you a rough time :( . I would like to be friends if you'll allow me.
pride4926-30, M
Says you're new, you have a total of 4 posts. Why are you so angry.
Did people accuse you of being a catfish?
Skyleng22-25, F
@SinlessOnslaught i think so not sure
Are you looking for a husband?
Fawma12346-50, M
Don't let people bother you
Muthafukajones46-50, M
Yeah yeah!!!
SarithBorn18-21, M
What's happening in Cambodia today??
Skyleng22-25, F
@AthenaArena nothing much we are in the cool dry season but had rain last week today temperature will be about 25c
@Skyleng but otherwise??
This message was deleted.
Skyleng22-25, F
@Jenny1234 it was a mistake to post that and i have edit and sorry it was a bit of fun but only men reply, i find that little interesting.
Jenny123451-55, F
@Skyleng dirty af

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