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Found this on Facebook

The effort of stripping away human rights from entire groups of people is escalating at an alarming rate and targeting more and more groups. And for what?

We live in a very scary world at the moment...
LordShadowfire · 46-50, MVIP Best Comment
This is how it starts. Pick a group of people, villainize them. Tell lies about them and repeat them enough that they start to sound believable. Then you slowly start to pass laws that say they can't do things they already aren't doing. Eventually, you get the public unjustifiably afraid of them to the point where you can pass unjust and unconstitutional laws restricting their behavior, and then? Well, at the risk of offending Dr. Godwin, I think we know what comes next.
@NerdyPotato Maybe not promoting, but virtue signalling. Some people are gay, who the hell cares? Why have a gay flag on all your embassies?
@BritishNRASupporter because many people do care in a negative and harmful way, and try to suppress them. Suppression of a group that does no harm to anyone is no good, as we've seen plenty of times in history, and that can only be stopped by an opposing signal.

Dolimyte · 41-45, M
I get the sentiment, I just wish that it wasn't stated in the form of a no true scotsman fallacy.
@Dolimyte me too. If I had made it, I would have left the word true out.

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