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Ketanji Brown Jackson's confirmation hearing is just straight-up racism!

Grilled by a group of old white men asking her:

Do you know what a woman is?
Are babies racist?
Is she an activist judge?

I mean come on! This is cast-iron confirmation that the GOP is now a White Supremacist party!馃槨

Although, wasn't it nice of Ted Cruz to assure her that her "dating habits" wouldn't be scrutinised. After all, what is the GOP of not the picture of graciousness and integrity?
JaggedLittlePill41-45, F Best Comment
Yes, it is. It is blatant and disgusting.

She is more qualified than any of them. This is why they do this. A Black Woman being better than them? They can't handle it.
@JaggedLittlePill Deeply, deeply sad, because it's true.

A silly right-winger blocked me after I challenged him do define whether people with Klinefelter syndrome, meaning XXY chromosomes, were male or female.

Seems Judge Jackson was correct; sometimes those definitions are quite difficult. In fact, I think it's fair to say that the two pigeonholes of "male" + "female" are inadequate to contain the variety of human genotypes and phenotypes we have observed.
@ElwoodBlues Hahahaha ooooh don't open the sex and gender can of worms! This post will run into the thousands now 馃ぃ
And [b]this[/b] is why I think the downvote authors should be visible鈥攁t least to the OP, if not the site. The two downvoters get to be quiet, secret, cowardly racist. 馃槨
SumKindaMunster51-55, M
Meh, politicians do this for political points and campaign video spots, these aren't serious questions, they are trying to bait the candidate into saying something that would disqualify her, or cause the GOP to say they should disqualify her.

AOC does the same crap, as do plenty of Democrat politicians.

This is nowhere near as offensive(in my mind anyway) than what Kavanaugh went through...multiple unprovable accusations, the same kind of "gotcha" questions, and obnoxious protests trying to pressure Congress to not confirm him, for similar gender or race reasons although it isn't called racism when done to a White man.
SumKindaMunster51-55, M
@SW-User [quote]Brett Kavanaugh actually WAS accused of sexual assault, so those questions were fair to him;[/quote]

To clarify, it wasn't the questions about that from his confirmation hearing, it was the protests and demands that just because there was an accusation(with no evidence) he should be disqualified.

[quote]And you may think that those questions were essentially "a bit of fun" for Jackson... although clearly you don't think that about Kavanaugh's hearing.[/quote]

I didn't say they were "fun" not sure why you are quoting that, I said this was typical politics and while the questions Kavanaugh got were not the same as this person, it was in the same spirit, "gotcha" questions and poking and prodding to see if he would say something that would disqualify you.

[quote] I might also add that it is certainly not racist when an all-White panel grill a White candidate. I don't know about you, but I saw no Black (or indeed female) panel members grilling Ms. Jackson. Did you..?[/quote]

What difference does that make? Why is this so important to you? Are you saying this candidate should only be questioned by other black people? That's not realistic, and I fail to see what benefit that would provide.

[quote]Anyway, political point scoring or not, most decent Americans WILL see the vicious racist undertone to this and GOP Senators seeking (re) election are going to get a horrible surprise come the mid-terms. This is only strengthening the odds that the Dems are going to increase their majorities in both chambers.

K. That sounds like Democrat propaganda, but I acknowledge your opinion here. I don't agree, but I respect your beliefs.
@SumKindaMunster I take your points on board and respect your beliefs (and we will see about the upcoming midterms).


[quote]Are you saying this candidate should only be questioned by other black people? [/quote] Nope. But surely you can see how it looks when a Black woman is being asked whether she thinks babies are racist and whether she is an activist judge by an all-White panel. Perhaps you cannot hear the dogwhistle being blown...

Also, it's not Democrat propaganda (I'm not even American); it's my opinion.
SumKindaMunster51-55, M
@SW-User [quote]I take your points on board and respect your beliefs (and we will see about the upcoming midterms).[/quote]

Thank you.

[quote]But surely you can see how it looks when a Black woman is being asked whether she thinks babies are racist and whether she is an activist judge by an all-White panel. Perhaps you cannot hear the dogwhistle being blown..[/quote]

I don't, no. Dogwhistles eh? I've heard that term before and am skeptical, what's your explanation as to what these are and why are they racist?

[quote]Also, it's not Democrat propaganda (I'm not even American); it's my opinion.

It does seem that way when your choice of social media, legacy media, and friends all agree with you.

Personally, I like to read oppositional news media at times to gain perspective as to what is believed and what is being promoted by that side of the political divide. It helps me be a better, more informed debator.
It鈥檚 racism because the people grilling her [b]are[/b] racists. They wouldn鈥檛 be asking a white candidate these questions, not even a liberal, and they [b]know[/b] it. So since they鈥檙e treating her differently and with obvious hostility due to her race, there could be no other motive.
@HoraceGreenley [quote] You lack basic understanding of how the world works.[/quote] Wow, what a standard to aim for! In order to have a basic understanding of how the world works, I need to know the machinations of the confirmation hearings for a SCOTUS justice, do I? And I'm not even American... clearly I know nothing then 馃檮

1. Well, first of all, your first explanation is utter BS. How can you think it's a perfectly reasonable and necessary part of the confirmation hearing to ask the nominee to define a woman when you posted this...? I call BS.

2. Your CRT explanation I could almost believe, except that it was Ted Cruz who was asking. It is clear he was trying to scare white voters by implying that Jackson was a black radical who believes in 鈥渃ritical race theory鈥 and would use her position on the court to put dangerous thoughts in the minds of poor, impressionable white children. It also defies belief that in the middle of a Senate confirmation hearing for a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land, he brings blown up pages from a childrens book and asks, in all seriousness, "do you agree that babies are racist?" I mean, what the actual fuck??. I will be extremely surprised if any White future nominees are asked questions about CRT.

3. And in that vein, are all the other current SCOTUS justices Original Constructionists? If not, were they asked if they were activists?

You can dress this up in all the appropriate and reasonable window dressing you want. The fact remains, the Republican committee's questioning of Ketanji Brown Jackson was rude, disrespectful, misogynistic, crass, and inherently racist. Having seen some of your other posts and interacted with you, I can see you have no problem with this at all.

Still, she will be confirmed. Tough luck :)
HoraceGreenley56-60, M
@SW-User're not American? What ate you?
@HoraceGreenley Deflection noted 馃槾
HoraceGreenley56-60, M
The only racist in this conversation is you.

Why don't you take a few minutes and Google Original Constructionist.

Then contemplate the fact that if a woman can't be defined, then sexism can't be defined either. And legal protections for women, such as Title IX are obviated.

Now Google Title IX and obviated.

Then consider that Clarence Thomas is a Supreme Court Justice. He's Black too, you know. He just happens to be a Conservative justice.

So when you consider that fact, your racism claim is moot.

The issue here is that Jackson is not an Original Constructionist, and is an activist judge. She stated both actually.
HoraceGreenley56-60, M
Do you know what a woman is? This question is being asked because of men competing as women in sports.
Are babies racist? This is asked to find out her views on Critical Race Theory.
Is she an activist judge? This question was asked because she stated that she is not an Original Constructionist.

These questions are not racist. The issue is that you aren't very bright.
HoraceGreenley56-60, M
@SW-User They are not racist questions. You only think they are because you aren't smart enough to know there true intent.
@HoraceGreenley [quote]you aren't smart enough to know there true intent.[/quote]Then perhaps you can tell me their true intent:

1. What was the true intent of asking her about what a woman is? How is that pertinent to becoming a SCOTUS justice?

2. What was the true intent of asking her about critical race theory and whether babies are racist? How is that pertinent to becoming a SCOTUS justice?

3. What was the true intent of asking her whether or not she was an activist judge? I know your supposed prejudices against any non-Constructivist, but how is that pertinent to becoming a SCOTUS justice?

You were clearly part of the Senate Committee, so enlighten me...
HoraceGreenley56-60, M
@SW-User There are legal ramifications to understand what a woman is as they are a legally protected class. Also men claiming to be women commit crimes. If they are women, and a member of a protected class, how are those crimes adjudicated?

CRT and it's teaching in public schools has become a legal issue working its way through the courts. The issue of control over what is taught in public schools is going to end up in the Supreme Court. This question demonstrates what her opinion would be.

Activist vs non-activist judge questions are the most basic issues to be considered in confirmation hearings. The legislators need to know if judges will circumvent the legislative process and make law.

I know this is all very mysterious to you, but these are perfectly reasonable and necessary parts of conformation.

Just because you don't understand this stuff doesn't make me wrong.

My advice to you is to not vote. You lack basic understanding of how the world works. By not voting you will do the rest of us a favor.
BackyardShaman61-69, M
Totally true! The GOP honestly believe that being black is illegal.
@BackyardShaman It won't be long before they actually say that out loud...
@SW-User Again, that is. This is a return to a previous status quo.
It鈥檚 not the circus that happens during a republican nomination. She will be confirmed. But she is a leftist.
@SW-User No point in arguing the point. The struggle for left or right dominance will continue as long as there is a Supreme Court.
JaggedLittlePill41-45, F
@jackson55 They are to rule on constitutionality. The questions should have focused on that very aspect of the job.

Otherwise SCOTUS becomes irrelevant. And I believe it is. It is irrelevant and has always been a fail safe for white supremacy
@jackson55 They would [b]not[/b] be asking a white leftist these questions either. [b]That鈥檚[/b] the difference. They鈥檙e straight-up racists and not even trying to hide it now. 馃槥
CorvusBlackthorne46-50, M
Yet the Republican voters refuse to see it.
HoraceGreenley56-60, M
@CorvusBlackthorne Opposing Woke, activist judge that has given lenient sentences to pedophiles is racist?
Keepitsimple51-55, F
The fact is she isn鈥檛 the sharpest tool in the shed. Another one of Biden鈥檚 F ups.
Keepitsimple51-55, F
@SW-User oh please鈥et the chip off your shoulder already. The bimbo can鈥檛 even explain what a woman is. She鈥檚 not very bright for a person with a law degree. She always has an excuse to blame everybody else for explanations and most importantly she is pro pedophelia. She is not qualified for the level of Supreme Court. Hell she鈥檚 not ready for traffic court.
@Keepitsimple There was no reason for them to ask her what a woman was. That was simply an attempt to introduce gender politics. Brett Kavaunaugh was not asked what a man was, and of course Amy Coney Barrett (who by the way is barely qualified to be a judge, let alone a Supreme Court Justice, and you know it) was not asked, because she was White.

Also, that's simply slander about pedophilia. That has been disproven

The fact is, you don't like the fact that a Black woman is going to be on the Supreme Court. You believe Blacks should know their place. Well tough. This is only the beginning. Her appointment will no doubt pave new paths for people who look like her, paths that will hopefully be much smoother than the one she had to take.

Sorry 馃槑
[quote]I don鈥檛 care if she鈥檚 neon green, she isn鈥檛 ready for the Supreme Court.[/quote]

But this candidate was ready??

C'mon, your biases are showing
spjennifer56-60, T
I was kind of surprised the Repugs didn't trot out their one token African American Senator to be part of this? or maybe he didn't want to?

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