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I Love Werewolves

So you love werewolves huh? But have you ever met one or do you believe them to be imaginary? Only in stories? I would hope not, otherwise you'd be calling me imaginary! God knows that's happened far too many times. According to most, I don't exist! And I just find that funny.
Drachona · 26-30, M
First off, you are not rambling. You are merely asking questions. And, in case it ever does matter, I am male.

Now, as for your question, I do not know where I will go when I die. Unlike others, I don't assume I know where I'll go, I just hope it's a reasonable place. I believe that a god, gods or goddesses (whatever you prefer) can exist, but I have no proof. So it's just my belief, nothing more. If there is a heaven and a hell, I doubt that my kind are automatically condemned to hell. How much sense does that truly make? I have been a kind and loving person all my life. Also, humans are responsible for the deaths of multiple people that I loved. And yet, against that fact, I continue to protect and care for humans as best I can. If I go to hell because of that, then there's something very wrong there. I am not a monster. WE are not monsters, regardless of what some frightened humans may tell you. It's fear and rumors that killed my mother. It is fear that killed 9 million people in the European Witch Trials, and so many other genocides are because of fear.

I'm sorry if I appear angry, but I am. Not at you, but merely at the thoughts and memories I have. If there is a God, and he condemns me to hell because of what I am, then how perfect is he really? Is it right to kill a man because his skin is dark? No. So why would it be right to kill a man because he is part animal? Especially when I have gone out of my way to care about the safety of humans. And what do I get in return? Still, they hunt and kill my kind and still the majority of humans do not even believe in us. I am nothing more than a fairytale to them. And even to those who believe in us, government and religion make us look like horrible monsters. They demonize us just like Southern americans once did to blacks. Just like Hitler once did to Jewish people.

I don't know where I will go when and if I die. I don't even truly care about that. I don't need to know that there is something beyond this life. All I need is my life, my family, my friends, and my mate. I don't need an afterlife, no matter what form it may take. And besides, even if I am good enough to get into the Christian heaven, I'm going to the Muslim hell. No matter what religion I join, I'm going to someone's hell. Makes a lot of sense doesn't it?
Drachona · 26-30, M
It's understandable though. I know much of humans, and I know something they all try to deny: they are afraid. Every living creature experiences fear, but many humans deal with it in different ways. Some may think that the concept of werewolves being monstrous beasts is from movies, but this is incorrect. Humans have always felt this way. In Roman times, we fought for them and won. We lived peacefully until some began to spread rumors about us which led to our entire village being burned down. They thought that even war could not quench our bloodlust.

The main reason why humans act this way is most commonly fear. They are afraid of something so "fantastic" being discovered. Can you imagine what such a discovery would do to religion? It would prove a lot of what they say to be false. That's why they demonize us, calling us hell-hounds and such. If the truth is known, the church loses power and they are afraid of keeping that decietful order. They lie to the people so they can be the rulers of their own brainwashed people and get money from their services.

We are not monsters and we deserve as much respect as humans. They paint us as evil creatures and they call us fantasy or myth and yet they hunt us behind the public's back to maintain order. This is one of the biggest conspiriacies in humanity and there are many more. The truth must be known, because I won't wait another ten-thousand years to see the humans accept us again. The fact that some of us are willing to make an alliance with the humans even after they have killed so many of us shows we are not mindless creatures. Humans are responsible for the deaths of nearly my entire family and yet I am willing to make peace with them.
Drachona · 26-30, M
There are those who admit their own flaws and imperfection, but not enough. And many who believe they are imperfect believe they need to follow the commands of an all-powerful, perfect being, which has caused countless massacres, wars, and many other problems throughout the short history of man.
Drachona · 26-30, M
We were. 10,000 years is, I believe, an obsolete estimate. Looking at our creation story and everyone's memories, it may even be more like 110,000, shortly after the end of a period of warming and at the beginning of the last ice age period. It's hard to make a timeline for us when time didn't really exist, and certainly wasn't measured, back then.
Uh yeah hi ummm you need phyciatric help, because if your a real Werewolf than I'm a marshan from planet retard. Look I'm not trying to make fun of you that's not my intention at all, but please get real. I really feel a little sorry for you, I'm sorry I have tell you the truth, but I'm a truthful person and I think you should be too. I do believe in supernatural things such as ghoasts and Alieans from another planet, Because, I've seen it for myself; and I'm sure there are creatuers we don't know about in certain parts of the world, but until I see a person turn from man, or woman into a wolf, than I'll belive it. (And I don't mean in movies iether) If you are truly a Werewolf, than all the power to you. I don't mean to be mean, but this is just my opinion. Sorry if I'm being a jerk I really don't want to hurt anyone's feelings; or be offencive to anyones beliefs. Please forgive this post if it does offend you.
Honestly dear we are used to it.
Drachona · 26-30, M
First, Pateena, I will say that you are not stupid. You do not know about such things, and thus you are ignorant. There is a significant and sometimes forgotten difference between ignorance and stupidity. You cannot blame someone for not knowing. Second, you do not need to apologize for any religious comments. You are free to express your beliefs, as we are free to express ours. The repression of that would not be acceptable on a social site with the intention of encouraging communication. Also, not as important, we are people regardless of whether we are human or wolf. Personhood is the quality of being an individual, and we are individuals with agency. We are people.

I am glad that you took back your words. I would be lying if I said I never made quick and foolish statements, most stemming from my ignorance (often about myself). We all make mistakes, but what matters most in the present is the recognition of a mistake and the established desire to not repeat it in the future.
Drachona · 26-30, M
I understand how you feel, but you shouldn't forget that there are humans that are kind and very intelligent. The sad thing is, they are far outweighed by idiots and murderers. I appreciate your respect for my kind and other kinds that are "non-human", but remember to have even the slightest respect for your kind as well. I've spent too many years watching humans fight against us and us against humans. There are other enemies that can hurt us both, those who appear in shadow and darkness. And even as far as disease or lack of food and water, those too are common enemies of us both. That is why I believe our kinds should join in peace. I'm tired of watching my kind die because of lies and rumors about us. And I know that your kind is facing a great crisis. Soon, great war will conquer your world over things like water and money. And your population is massive, soon to be so great that nature will no longer be able to sustain you.

Before humans kill themselves, I would be glad to lend a hand. Regardless of whether or not every human believes that I exist or trusts me, I will aid the innocent and any others who need help I am capable of providing. Even if it were you, my friend. If you ended up in a jail cell and you were innocent in my mind, I would help free you from their human chains. Even if you would not aid me at all, I would aid you. Both our kinds need all the help we can get, but if my kind will have to save yours against your wishes, so be it.
Drachona · 26-30, M
You have not offended me in any way. I can understand if you are scared. Fear is natural for all creatures, but I hope I can help you see that there is nothing to fear with us. I spent such a long time dealing with people who wanted to kill me and my family, and now I have to deal with the lies those people left behind. A classic example of eliminating an enemy. Demonize them so they appear as monsters. Then use that as justification for killing them. And if you get that far, erase them from history. Make it so that all the sightings and old legends/stories in the world won't convince the public we exist.

Anyway, my original purpose of writing this was to assure you that I do not eat humans and neither does anyone I know. If it comforts you at all to know, I had a dream once set in a time when humans became so overpopulated that famine struck and they exhausted all resources. To survive, werewolves had to eat humans. The very thought of that haunted me long after the dream was over. Some laugh at me for it, but I continue to have hope and love for humanity. Even after everything that's happened to me and the people I care for, I still want to make peace with humans for the good of everyone. It may never happen, but it doesn't hurt to hope.
What about the full moon? Can you change at will or do you have to waite for the moon to be full?

If you or they do exist, I say more power to you; and I'm sort of mad at the movies, because they protray the Werewolf as being a killer. Anyway I really do respect your beliefs and, being a non believer, I agree that perhaps anything is possible.
Drachona · 26-30, M
It sounds foolish, yes, but no one can blame "nique123456788" for their question. If you don't know much about such an abnormal creature, it is natural that you may ask a broad range of questions.

And as far as what you said about shifting "MeisterWolf", I can provide you with an exercise to help you. It will most likely not bring about the full shift, but it is a good way to practice and get a taste of what it feels like. I can't make you shift yourself. If you truly wish to shift, that will require your belief in it. Shifting is just like a placebo drug, if you don't believe it will work, nothing will happen. This is something beyond the belief of common people and society has molded you to think that it is impossible. Therefore, you have to get past the doubt to achieve what you think is impossible. But that's only if you really wish to attempt the shift.

I can give you a method to help, but I would prefer to send it through a message rather than in such an open area. That is, if you want it of course.
Urm hey, i know ita probly a bit late on this comment but could you help me p-shift im constantly m-shiftig and hav vert vivis lucid dreams abd i feel i am ready to p-shift bur i dont know how to :3
Drachona · 26-30, M
I can't say I have true power over my emotions. I am still young in ways and I have many old pains and memories that make it hard to control my emotions. However, this I am sure of. I'm tired of people saying I don't exist and people who know I exist and paint me as an evil creature. Sometimes, people look at me as if I murdered their children. Why humans cannot always accept all possibilities is beyond my understanding, but I don't want it to be that way. They've hated me and caged me and they've killed my friends and family, and yet they say I don't exist. We are the unsung heroes of human kind and I want that to be known in every human mind. We taught you to hunt and we gave you fur to keep you warm in the cold. We bred with you and became a part of your families and we swore to protect you.

I'm sorry if I ramble on and on, but what I say is true. I just want them to accept us once more.
I find you truly amazing lol sorry I just needed to say.
Drachona · 26-30, M
Thank you. I appreciate what you say, although it is not necessary.
Drachona · 26-30, M
Funny. Let me got the silver bullet legend from what? Underworld? Van Helsing? T.V.? You apparently don't know the truth of silver bullets. They reallt don't affect my kind much. If they touch an open wound or something they can sometimes drain me, but not kill me. And that's mostly because silver is the purest of metals.

It's kinda funny how everyone thinks it takes something fantastic to kill something like a wolf, a werewolf, or a vampire. Just think of it this's not going to matter what bullet you use, if you get in in the head, it's not getting up...usually. That doesn't mean that i want anyone to try to kill any thing such as the beings I've named. Except vampires, they are my kin and we look after each other. So I wouldn't try.
Drachona · 26-30, M
All myths do start somewhere, but we only became myth recently. Past stories do not speak of us as if it is just a story, they speak as if to record actual events. To them, it was truth. However, since it cannot be proven today, humans assume it must be myth. Sad, considering the same sort of people thought a round Earth, flight, spaceships, a heliocentric universe, etc. were crazy ideas when they were thought of.

Secondly, I disagree with your second comment. There are humans who understand us. They are few, but they are around. All it takes is open-mindedness. And even if you never meet a human who understands you, never lose the perspective that they are out there. If you have a positive attitude, you will have positive experiences.
Drachona · 26-30, M
It's funny. I look back at this and I see how open I was. Part of me knows that it is good to be this way, but I also realize now how it can sometimes be dangerous. There are those who, for some reason, feel the need to kill beings like us. But, in truth, I feel that it is time the general public discovers the truth. So long ago, they believed in us and ran beside us as "equals", but now they deny our existence and I feel that to be a crime. No one wants history to forget them or hate them, and that's why anyone who feels they are something other than human must stand and admit it. The more of us gather together, the more power we have and the greater the affect on the world. We can finally bring to life the long-dead myths.
Drachona · 26-30, M
Just a misunderstanding "nique", it happens. And this is a little bit of a touchy subject, but it doesn't matter much to me. People who don't believe in werewolves will either ignore us or get scared and react by yelling in our faces that they don't exist (even though they have no proof). People who do believe may join in or move on, and hunters can't track anyone through sites like this unless you post your address. So I'm not too worried. I would prefer that the public accept the truth about werewolves instead of the crap that government and religion circulates. But still, there are things I would prefer not to reveal so openly.

I will be glad to send you the information "MeisterWolf".
Drachona · 26-30, M
Skin color has nothing to do with the color of your fur. Hair color can make a difference though. For example, my hair is brown and my fur is brown. My friend's hair is black and her fur is black.

And you asked how we know when we find our mates. I really can't tell you if it's something we can sense. Just recently, I thought I found "the one", but that didn't work out how I wished it would. So I can't really tell you if we can or not. But that should answer your final question. I'm single now.

And your questions are not so personal to me. There are things I do not mind sharing to those who are curious, while there are some secrets best kept to myself.
hey i just read through all of your comments... i knew you existed, in a way i have so much more respect for you, your kind, and any other creature that may or may not exist than humans. im a very open person, open minded. what im trying to say is, i accept you. idk if the churchs around here try to manipulate us or not (dont go and dont read the Bible). but if a time ever comes where theres humans vs werewolves, humans vs vampires, etc., ill be on the non-human side. any of my friends would call me a vampire, werewolf, ghost, demon, or a creature of some kind, one says my future home is a jail cell.. but its not my fault ppl are stupid and i want to rip everyones head off...
hello fellow werewolf and u r completely right about how funny it being that suppposedly you and i dont exsist. i have never killed anyone in my life though it has only been 13 years there is still a possibility. they think of us as monsters but what they dont think of is what we think of them. also please help me with something. my bff dosen't know im a werewolf and she just became a vampire so she isnt the best at scent yet. but its only a matter of time. what do i do??????
Drachona · 26-30, M
My thoughts have always been: if people don't want to believe, they don't have to. I only ask that, if they are closed off to the possibility (which is illogical any way you slice it), they leave the investigation of such subjects to people who want to investigate them. After all, that's what science is; the observation, interpreation and analysis of everything unknown with the intent of making it known.
are you male or female?
well it really doesnt matter
but when u die
if u die
were do u go
i always worried about that even though im not a werewolf
but there are some really sweet,kind,loving ones and some that probably believe in GOD
but because of what they are were do they go and i really dont think they shouldnt go to Heaven
because i dont see it as their fault for what they are
sorry for rambling
I guess so.

I've experienced mental shifting. I would have trouble believing in a physical shift. I have to unlearn all that scepticism I've gained. Of course, I'd want to believe in it, but you're right... society makes me seem a wishful thinker.

Sure, you can send it, I wouldn't post it in the open either, if I knew. This story already too much for most.
Drachona · 26-30, M
There will only be a problem between you two if you allow there to be. There's no logical reason why friends should suddenly move apart because of personal beliefs. If you are friends, then you are friends. If you let something petty and unimportant come between you, then you aren't as close as you thought.
surely though the media has a lot to answer for on the opinions of the humans towards werewolves they are shown as ruthless and brutal and irrational, eating and destroying everything in their path personally i think in films they look kinda sexy especially Lucian in underworld lol sorry but yeah.
some people are so closed minded and i truly believe that society as a whole whether vampire, elf, werewolf, witch, warlock all need to accept each other because wars are not pleasant hatred is not pleasant and everyone should be able to get on with one another, i really respect u for being this way inclined.
He was my mate. I'm still connected to him some how, Its been so very long that I don't even know his name anymore. I'm trying to find him now though, hes hurt, yet hes a werewolf. indistructible I must've told him, but I was. Hes very old, and very young- I wish I could tell him I'm here.
yea it does make sense and you have a right to be angry
i have another question
does the color of your skin determin the color of your fur
and how do you know when you have found your mate
and have you found your mate
i dont mean to be in your busness
I agree with Drachona. I have black hair, and I'd expect to have black fur, if I knew how to physically change (which I am doubting so far). I'm white skinned, and I don't see how it would affect fur colour. That's one of the strangest things I've heard.
well thats very big of you im not being scarcastic i am being genuin emotion is a weakness as far as im concerned and the fact that you have not allowed that to get in the way of ur goals i respect greatlly xxx
I don't know what to think but If what you say is true then yes it does scare me but I am still curious as to whether you actually do eat people like movies say sorry if I have offended you at all
Drachona · 26-30, M
The early church branded anything as evil that they could not control. First thing to do if you want to rule over the people: eliminate the competition.

To them, we are a threat.
We dont exist to humans because we are a mythiolgcal creature made up, but all 'myths' have to start somewhere. No human will ever understand us.
actually i didnt really mean to say skin color
what i was trying to ask was what determines your
fur color
sorry it came out sounding that odd
Drachona · 26-30, M
Tell who? Is there anything I can do to help? I know it's probably not my business, but I don't like seeing people so sad.
The early church branded as "evil", any person or thing that had power of a supernatural nature.
Drachona · 26-30, M
Don't mention it. My job is to help when I can, and thanks are not necessary although they are appreciated.
If you are a werewolf give me a buzz. Allow time for me to buy silver bullets.
It's ok. I'm not angry at you. Don't worry about it. Peace.
Drachona · 26-30, M
You believe in what I say?
yea i know right.
Hail the TRUTH!

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