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I Believe In The Rise Of Werewolves

I believe in the unification of werewolves. Whatever idea was behind the start of this group, which seems to be the idea of starting a pointless war, the reality is this: we are disjointed. In a time when people are more connected than they have ever been, we remain detached from each other; reliant entirely on the questionable, faceless advice of random individuals on the internet. I do what I do because I want to help others, and this is currently the only medium for doing so. With that said, we need to seek organization; peaceful organization. For the good of our psychological and social health as well as the health of our children, we need to be able to speak openly to each other; to form a community and establish leadership. For that to occur, we need to seek acceptance from humanity. We need to expose our existence. Many are against the idea, due to a fear of what such action may result in. However, we are in an age of the greatest level of acceptance of the supernatural to date. Many people already believe in us. Many would probably be willing to help us in our exposure. The existence of Human Supporters of Werewolves is proof that there already are some. Also, with today's technology, little could be done to us that could not be immediately reported, officially or unofficially. We cannot be killed quietly anymore. Someone will always find out. More importantly, if we are prepared, we will know exactly how to deal with as many eventualities as possible. It requires only that we care about our futures and the futures of our children and that we seek organization. Otherwise, we are choosing to stay where we are. We are choosing to remain in the dark; promoting ignorance, intolerance, and psychological torment. That is a choice we all have to make. I know what I have chosen. The question is: does anyone else care?
I doubt humanity will accept werewolves if this bs is real... The hunters will hunt the werewolves down and kill them and use them as trophies. It will split humanity amongst themselves and werewolves will die off, collected by scientists and governments. Plus the haters and werewolf addicts. Not to mention, some of the 'wolves' i have met previously here seem like they think they are up and above humans and we are just just shallow dumb people... This will never happen
@Drachona Through the fantasy and mystery films, werewolves and others are no longer terribly anonymous. It is no longer the big bogey. Let's call it a slight sensitization of the people. It also somehow plays into the hands and opens up more scope. Well at least my thoughts.
@WondrousLeafi If the hunters do that then all the martyrs and your existence can no longer be hushed up. I wonder why the hunters have so much power for years. What if they are hunted? What makes the hunters so sure that they are infallible? As at the time of the Inquisition? Was it the mass of numerical superiority? Seriously, I've always wondered, because only when all are isolated you can easily catch them and the opposite is a solid cohesion. A large troop can not be easily targeted. Especially not stalking with the wind.
Drachona · 26-30, M
@DoveJana I agree with you. While the general perception of werewolves and other beings is still based heavily on popular media, people are more open and sympathetic to us than ever before. They've been primed for the realization that we do exist. All we need to do is spread truth, not lies.
Hello! Everyone!!!! Guess what? Werewolves don't exist. A shocker, I know! Ahhhh this Drachona guy already knows me from something else. Also, another note. Werewolves aren't real. He says these guys want to remain in the dark but then says they have to pay attention to their "public representation." Can anyone back me up on this? Honestly I'm just bored. I thought this would be fun. Aaaaannnd let the wolfaboo comments ignite!!
Drachona · 26-30, M
Enjoy being flagged.
Oh no. Not the flag! You bastard!!!! How could you be so heartless?!?! LOL. Yep. Flagging is effective. Sure.
@LeaderOfThePack oh they are real.Just because you do not see them does not mean that they do not exist. Or do you see you when you hide? Are feelings not real just because you can not see them? Nice greetings from Germany.
I believe you are taking this group far too seriously.
Drachona · 26-30, M
You should know that I never took this group that seriously. However, I take the subject of werewolves very seriously, and this experience is a part of our public representation. If you feel that I am misusing my time, then you are free to feel that way. For me personally, I know that pretty much everything I do here takes a lot of effort and gets little results. However, it is worth it to me.

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