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I Want to Meet a Real Vampire

This page is to share personal stories you are even lucky to here so why give the vampires greath, there isn't one type of vampire.. there's many types... doesn't mean we are different don't judge us. We are here for support. Doesn't mean we are crazy, just to let u guys know the government knows about vampires, werewolves and other creatures but they chose not to show because they didn't want to freak people out... on top of that I'm a vampire who does magic and as well I'm a hybrid of more...

Thank you.
From the princess of them all
The vampires are mainly pale white... and always have a lust of blood... they have no shadow and are ice cold they are awake at night.. but can also come out in the morning but they have headaches by standing outside in the sun for to long.. garlic doesn't t effect but silver itches like hell... they have sharp teeth... top and bottom..
AirForce687 · 36-40, M
Is turning into a vampire painful ??
Hmm there's only 1 way of turning... and kinda... but people are effected in different ways
Idontknowlol · 41-45, M
@Shadowball111 u clearly believe in the folklore/movies to much.
AirForce687 · 36-40, M
What do people think of the sparkly Twilight-style vampires ?? Are they a true representation of vampires or just film fantasy ??

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