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I Want to Meet a Real Vampire

I'd want to meet a real vampire in the hopes of being turned. Is it because of some fantasy? No... Am I oddly obsessed with vampires? Also no. Then why? Because I am hearing impaired and being a vampire seems like the only way I wouldn't have to worry about my senses, as everything is heightened. If only, if vampires were actually real. Just my thought on the subject.
Vampires aren't real but technology is. I bet your hearing problems can be fixed or will be fixable within the next 10-20 years. ๐Ÿ‘๏ธ
EpicStace ยท 31-35, F
@SW-User just the waiting is unbearable since I wanna live life fully now that I'm young but can't. But then again life isn't fair.
NativeOregonian ยท 51-55
NativeOregonian ยท 51-55
@SW-User In our hugely enormous Cosmos, we do not know what actually all exists in our Universe.
I'm sorry you're hearing impaired, you probably wouldn't be after you were turned into a vampire. It would be nice to live forever and be stronger than everyone else so they could never hurt you.
EpicStace ยท 31-35, F
@Shutup yes that would be beyond amazing, if only :(
NativeOregonian ยท 51-55
Strangely enough, I would love to be turned as well for the same thing, healing, so I get my health back from my super rare lung disease caused by blood clots, and my leaking heart valves as well.
MiraRoss ยท 26-30, F
You can't be turned into a vampire. Wanna know more pm me

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