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Philippines knows more about you, than you do

Philippines have cheap labour. Companies can setup there, and save a ton of money over the cost of labor in the USA. In a healthcare environment, this means Philippine staff are logging into USA Computers, and looking at your private personal information that contains, your name, DOB, SSN, your home address, phone numbers of your work and home. They know your family physician, your insurance provider. Essentially everything that is important in your life.
And you have zero say over it.
If you go to a hospital in the USA, the Philippine personnel have access to it all. Will they sell your information to China? Well, they are underpaid. I would say there is a good chance.
PotatoGaga · 31-35, F
So in other words, China will know about that dermatological problem that you had in a sensitive area, and they will use it against you.
@PotatoGaga Certainly possible.
Kwek00 · 36-40, M
Big flaw in your conspiracy. Most of the companies they work for are North American and have very very strict rules and audits on those things and the company is watching everything they do on those computers. And everyone in that call centre knows if they fuck up it could literally cost everyone in that call centre their jobs. Entire call centres with hundreds of people get shut down completely over data breaches.
@PicturesOfABetterTomorrow Yes, but it only takes one guy.. maybe he isn't happy with this job.. maybe he was approached to provide information in exchange for a new car. Keep in mind, these people are not even from the same country, would they really care that your personal record is sold to someone else? Highly doubt it.
@UreBesFrend Doesn't matter. Nobody is going to get 300-400 people including themselves unemployed and blacklisted. Meaning they can never get a job in that industry again.

And this is not the 1980s. It doesn't matter if they are in the same country. And how they feel doesn't matter. Every computer and workstation in a call centre is loaded with basically surveillance software along with video surveillance too. Heck they are even working on brain wave monitors.

Plus in the scenario you present they would run afoul of espionage laws.

And that country has some of the worst prisons and make American prisons look like 5 star resorts by comparison.

Nobody is that stupid.
Crazywaterspring · 61-69, M
@PicturesOfABetterTomorrow You know a country's prisons are bad when the UN calls them out for human rights violations. From what I've heard suicide is a better option than a Philippine prison. You can stay for years awaiting trial. And that time does not count toward any sentence.
Ynotisay · M
Yeah. They call that globalization. What's your point? And why the Philippines? They're one of the leading outsourced medical billing countries in the world. And while you're not in the U.S., Filipino nurses are hugely important to our health care system. And I don't know what you mean by underpaid in the U.S. They're paid what other nurses are paid and are known for being extraordinarily hard working and focused. And as far as China? Yeah dude. They're coming for ya'. You're pretty crucial to their plans. Be safe!
This message was deleted by its author.
Ynotisay · M
@UreBesFrend I could flame you right now Whitey McWhiteboy but I'm just going to block you. I politely asked you to not respond. But you just couldn't help yourself. Ah. The special ones. They're so cute when they're defending their racist-driven fear. I'd take one Filipino healthcare worker over ten of you any day of the week. Man up puddin'. It's time.
BackyardShaman · 61-69, M
@Ynotisay truth is also when going into the upper tier hospitals you will find Filipino staff as well as many from South America as well. Africa also is where along with South America the majority of the best doctors are being hired from.
Jackaloftheazuresand · 26-30, M
last I heard Filipinos hate China
Pfuzylogic · M
They are fighting over the South China Sea!
Crazywaterspring · 61-69, M
@Jackaloftheazuresand West Philippine Sea.
Johnconnor · 31-35, M
So is every Asian country. Dial any call centre to listen to the fake accent.

They are more than ready.

mcane · 26-30, F
@Johnconnor So typical😂
@Johnconnor Yes, this is not just a philippine thing.
iamelijah · 26-30, M
The problem is, its every 3rd world country problems.
iamelijah · 26-30, M
@UreBesFrend I don't have much money even if they successfully steal my personal information.

What's their purpose to obtain personal information?
@iamelijah Identity theft is huge these days. They could construct a drivers license with your info, then apply for a credit card, and sell your house while you are on holidays.
iamelijah · 26-30, M
@UreBesFrend Identity theft? Maybe? I don't know how they gonna forged it other than changing my face or name. Is this gonna work even with different people in different country?
I must know this conman asap. Lol. Just kidding.
Those scammers ain't use the same MO, using the same personal information over and over. They gonna change to keep them from getting caught.

Anyway, apply for credit card and selling my house would be impossible. Idk how it works in other countries, but in mine you gonna need loooooong process to make the deal and of course it has to be face to face and this conman must see my house/address before selling it.
That way much more easier to catch that conman.
BackyardShaman · 61-69, M
So?? Anyone in the USA and multiple countries can gain access to all of the information you described. Also, the GOP can and does this, that was the main goal of the “third party voting audits”, all done by shady companies, to gather information to sell to others. This is a lucrative, profitable, and dishonest business. But why pick on the Filipinos?
CountScrofula · 41-45, M
So how exactly do you get my SSN from my home computer?
@CountScrofula You go see the doctor, they send you to admissions, you tell them what it is and they add it to your record. The philippino, or Indian, or any other asian country, logs in remotely and pulls it out.
Pfuzylogic · M
Don’t talk it
Bring it! 😉
Birdy1986 · 36-40, F
How do you know
@Birdy1986 A little birdy told me. :)
Birdy1986 · 36-40, F
@UreBesFrend who is this little birdy ? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
@Birdy1986 I was in the hospital for a procedure, and they were having some trouble with the equipment. The nurse was on the phone with tech support, and it was taking a long time. A doctor came in to help, and she was telling him she could not understand what the support person was saying, I guess they had a strong accent, so nothing was working. She came back in the room to say sorry for the delay and I asked her who she was talking to, and she said it was a philippine male, but his English was not very good and he didn't understand the problem. Apparently he had remoted in and was looking through the data and images, but not fixing anything. I asked her what information he had access to, and she told me he had everything. Well I don't know about you all, but that is not OK in my world. I do not want someone outside my country to have access to my records.
This message was deleted by its author.
@MarmeeMarch If you are OK with it, then nothing. Just saying, if you buy a pack of smokes, it has a warning label on it, but if you go to the doctor, they won't tell you who will have access to all of your details stored in your record.
This message was deleted by its author.

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