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Israeli forces handing out "medical supplies" to a hospital in Gaza...


It's like they don't even care about the quality of their propaganda anymore. 馃ゲ And yet I bet a whole bunch of people will fall for it anyway, just like that list of Hamas officers that turned out to be the days of the week.

Do you work for Hamas or an anti-Jewish, libel-spreading organization? This is similar to the propaganda they would use.

Israel is helping to protect civilians in Gaza, and providing them with aid. Meanwhile, their government does nothing, denies them care, and in fact uses their bodies in its horrific war.

I did not see Hamas caring for the premature babies at al-Shifa hospital, but Israel has tried to.
@sascha that clip of Israeli soldiers passing comically labeled empty boxes was posted by the IDF. If they were really providing aid, why would they fabricate such a fake clip instead of showing their real work?

And yes, Hamas is committing atrocities too. That doesn't make Israel's genocide right.
strait4646-50, M
@NerdyPotato genocide? israel is helping arabs live, escape alive even in enemy gaza, and in israel arabs live, that is opposite of genocide.
@strait46 except the 14,000 that have been killed by Israeli attacks, including 10,000 women and children. 馃檮
Bumbles51-55, M
The whole thing seems fake.
strait4646-50, M
@NerdyPotato about language if it wouldn't be an english paper, taped on, people don't understand local language
@strait46 Israelis and Palestinians do understand the local language. You know, the only ones involved in this. Who doesn't know the local language? The west. That's who the labels were for.
@strait46 also, it only says "medical supplies". Why not "needles" on one, "bandages" on another, etc. if it's important enough to see at one glance that they'd have to label it on all 6 sides in the biggest font that fits? And why only in English and not also in the language the people using it understand?
strait4646-50, M
if we consider palestinian actually did abducted hostage and still held them, you think they won't lie? people who abduct hostages won't hesitate to lie. how can anybody believe palestinian talk. nor edited videos?
@strait46 I didn't say Palestina doesn't lie or can be trusted or is better in any way. This post is about how desperate Israel is to improve their image, and failing. There's nothing here on Hamas or Palestina. No criticism or support because this post isn't about them.
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@strait46 did you know that Israel also took about 700 Palestinians hostage since October 7th, on top of the 1300 they already had before that?
lumberjackslam41-45, M
But the Palestinian government Hamas started the war. In most wars each side treats its own wounded. But their government uses them as human shields and nobody complains because people aren't so much anti-Palestinian deaths as they are anti-Israel. Don't forget a terror group launched a rocket into their own hospital and nobody said much. Go ahead and give them empty boxes, they'll condemn whatever is done no matter what.
strait4646-50, M
@lumberjackslam i agree with you that Israel's own objectives and citizens come first, but also amazing how israel themselves give and not just "rely on red cross."
lumberjackslam41-45, M
@strait46 absolutely. no credit is given for that.
@strait46 if they have given help, I absolutely agree. But there's no sign of them doing that.
Jenny123451-55, F
Stop spreading hate and misinformation
@Jenny1234 what information is incorrect and where is the hate?
strait4646-50, M
@Jenny1234 exactly an empty box means the help was delivered.
@strait46 why would they film that, why would they pass them back that way instead of folding them up and what's with the comical overkill of labels in a language not used there?
strait4646-50, M
about tunnels, certainly they justify destroying the tunnel so it won't used for war. necessary to save lives. since that is the target it must be done. even in a hospital.
you just want the terrorist to have time to come up and shoot some more jews. pathetic.
@strait46 destroying the tunnels is a good way to fight Hamas indeed. Bombing a hospital or supporting that by definition puts you on the wrong side of history, especially after suggesting that perfectly fine alternative.

No, I don't want Hamas to have time to kill more Jewish civilians. I just think actively supporting the killing of Muslim civilians makes one equally bad and brings us nowhere closer to a solution.
strait4646-50, M
@NerdyPotato that depends if a hospital is used for "more" than healing, for battle, it is a legitimate target. if a mosque is used for battle it is a legitimate target. some tunnels are IN hospital so necessary to bomb the hospital.
but you say "bomb hospital" you echo the refuted news report, for which they apolgized for error, when satelite showed the hammas rocket hit the hospital
@strait46 surely there are ways to target Hamas more directly with the best intelligence technology in the world. The hospital attack may not have come from Israel, but many residential areas have been flattened by them, including in Libia where Hamas doesn't operate. What's your excuse for that?
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@PiecingBabyFaceTogether yep, it's an attempt to convince the western world.
PursuitofHappiness26-30, M
Very sad..
When I see the claims by either side corrobated by sources other than social media randos, then it will mean something

How many times in all sort of scenarios over, say, the last decade, have we seen examples of images or video served up on social media as evidence of something, only to find out the images or video were either taken out of context, were taken from an unrelated event or much earlier time frame in a different region, or were outright altered or fabricated?

Moreover, if you do ultimately see images or video of Hamas tunnels under hospitals from official sources (rather than social media randos), then who will you believe? Who would you take Covid vaccine advice from, official sources or social media randos?

It's similar to how social media randos often post "screenshots" of alleged news articles, rather than the more obvious direct links to said articles.

Whether you oppose IDF slaughter of civilians, Hamas slaughter of civilians, or both, social media is rarely a reliable source of factual reality
@BlueGreenGrey that clip came straight from the official Israeli Defense Force Twitter account and the analysis of what's wrong with it speaks for itself.


Whether there are tunnels of Hamas underneath hospitals doesn't really matter. If there are, that's still no excuse to blow up the hospital. Israel prides itself as the world's best in surveillance. If other countries can find ways around human shields, Israel certainly should be able to. But it's pretty obvious that killing civilians is as much as a goal as destroying Hamas, so it's too convenient not to kill both.

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