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Why has Obama and Biden been so hostile to the state of Israel?

Katie01 · F
They deserve far worse
Hostile to Israel and open cheque book to Iran..
redredred · M
Nothing inspires a realist attitude like having to fight for your survival every day. Politicians selling fluff are not all that fond of realists.
strongbow · 46-50, M
Fuck israel, the real satans of the earth
@RocktheHouse Even when they're the ones creating the terrorists?
@BohemianBoo Yeah, The humanitarian crisis in Gaza is dire. However, Hamas is striking Israel with rockets - on a daily basis, and those rockets are paid for largely Iran. Israel has attempted several peace talks - Hamas has made it clear they will not rest until they are defeated or Israel is wiped off the face of the earth. Hamas will even use children, tie bombs to them. It's horrific. Hamas is evil. Israel isn't too much better. And the US wants to keep instability in the region. The US thinks by creating instability, it helps us.
@RocktheHouse But the only reason Hamas exists is because of the blockade.
Hamas is a terrorist group, no question. But they're also the only group that supplies most Gaza Palestinians with supplies such as medicine and food. So can anyone really blame the Palestinians for supporting Hamas?
If Israel ended the blockade and started treating Palestinians like human beings, support for Hamas would end.
justdan · 80-89, M
Because Obama and Biden are the Beelzebubs of Israel
ViciDraco · 36-40, M
What specific actions were hostile to Israel?
@ViciDraco They're Democrats. How dare they.

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