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any Aussies here for that matter? [I Want to Visit Ireland]

so what was Ned Kelly really guilty of

1 presuming to fight in a 100 lb tin can with no nose holes?
2 stealing horses?
3. defending himself against a bunch of vicious Limeys and killing a couple by default?
4 or being Irish when all the Irish there were convict laborers anyway?
{@soapoperaglasses] 馃槅the ned kelly on here is only of two crimes he is a manchester united fan and his dislike for scousers 馃槅
@smiler2012 Thats one more than I thought he really was guilty of.

I support self defense regardless of the adversary, if they had more power than yu and ambushed u as well

So if he was a horse thief maybe I'd join him and ride into the sunset
I didn鈥檛 wanna shoot Kennedy or that copper launigan.
He alone could have saved his life, by throwing down his gun.
walabby61-69, M
@walabby do you know the real story?

I agree with you btw

I would like him on my commune
walabby61-69, M
@Elevatorpitches I've heard the story a few times but can't remember it exactly.
The bit that I do remember is that Ned told the judge that sentenced him to death that he would meet him in heaven/hell..?.. and a few weeks later the judge was dead.

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