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What is happening in Brazil, the main stream media are quiet aren’t they

eli1601 · 70-79, M
Stolen elections have consequences
@ididntknow Right-wing nutjobs when they're backed into a corner..

And by the way, I agree with you:

If Hunter is a criminal, lock him up. No one should be above the law: not presidents sons, or their daughters, or their daughters husbands, or even presidents themselves...
ididntknow · 51-55, M
@SW-User Do you know who the big guy is ?
m000n · 22-25, F
Reports also claiming they're being rounded up in football stadiums to keep them out of the public eye in inhumanely dense numbers
@m000n My God, you have opened my eyes!😂
This message was deleted by its author.
@m000n This looks like the crowd at a football match tbh…
Strictmichael75 · 61-69, M
They tried to do like the Trumplicans and not accept the election results
Tried to destroy the patliment
At first they weren’t quiet. They tried desperately to blame trump and liken it to J6.
But as the story of lulu agitators started to break. They went quiet again..
ididntknow · 51-55, M
Why are a lot of Americans so blinkered, is it because the media keeps them misinformed / indoctrinated / brainwashed ?
@ididntknow Sure. I believe in nothing. We'll go with that.
ididntknow · 51-55, M
@SW-User Do you believe the big guy exists ?
@ididntknow If you're talking about God, then no. And if He does exist, he certainly isn't a guy with a beard.
They're All in jail. It's over.
Spotpot · 41-45, M
@Roundandroundwego And thats were the fascists belong rotting in prison.
@Roundandroundwego Where they belong :) If only all the Trumpers who stormed the Capitol were there, too...
You can’t tell anything from a photo like this, either way.
@SW-User That's the idea. @m000n is taking the piss :) However, the original poster is being serious.
@SW-User Oh, I see…lol

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