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I Love Marvel Movies

But I'm getting real sick of all the humor in these movies. Thor: Ragnorak was [b]way[/b] too comedic, to the point where it became predictable and disrupted the pacing of the movie. I saw Black Panther yesterday and that wasn't nearly as comedic (thank gawd) but it still had its share of stupid jokes. What's really annoying is that they always have to put a frickin' joke at moments that are supposed to be serious! That seems to be a trend in the MCU: whenever the hero or heroes are rallying together to make one last stand against the baddies, everything is all serious until the very last moment when something humorous just has to make it in there. It is so predictable now, I wasn't surprised at all when I saw that happen a few times in Black Panther. For the Avengers: Infinity War, they may as well just put a fart joke in there. Like when they're all preparing for the final battle with Cap or whoever giving a long motivational speech, Hulk should just rip ass very loudly while all the others look at him in disgust and he says "Sorryyyy." Good joke, everyone laughs. 馃檮
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AlienZipper61-69, M
I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. Thor was ruined for me by all the sophomoric humor.

That's what happened with the Lone Ranger. They tried to make it a comedy/drama and wound up with neither.

It doesn't have to be The Dark Knight Rises, but it sure as hell doesn't have to be Napoleon Dynamite either.
Carver31-35, F
@AlienZipper Well said! I really don't understand it. Are they afraid to be serious, like they feel audiences will lost interest if there isn't a joke every 10 minutes? It's practically a self-parody at this point!
AlienZipper61-69, M
@Carver From what I heard, Thor was more highly rated among adolescent boys than any other age group. Go figure...
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