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I have been blocked by a certain gentleman whose name is one letter away from that of the creator of "Robot Chicken".

But before he did, he messaged me the following nonsense:

[quote]Just as radioctivity contaminates everything in its sphere indiscriminately;
by virtue of the fact we were born to this earth, we are similarly stained--with sin, and all its temptations. Through no fault of our own, but nevertheless, we must be cleansed before we can enter heaven.

The blackness of sin (evil) is as ferocious, as the brilliance of God's almighty power and purity. The two cannot coexist. They are supernatural phenomena of the highest order, far beyond casual deeds and misdeeds of the everyday. The brilliance and purity of His power would kill us simply by proximity.

Gods grace (unmerited favor) and mercy, are embodied in Christ's volunteering for crucifiction.
In agony, he permitted his only son to die, so that we might #1. have eternal life, and #2 come to him without an earthly intercessor and ask forveness for our wrongdoings.

It took a member of the heavenly monarchy--not an angel or a scribe--to reverse the sewer Adam and Eve had opened onto mankind.
On the cross, the full measure of sin consumed Jesus, he felt and bore all of it. In all its supernatural horror, and the weight of millennia to come. He was sin incarnate. The blackness of which, convinced him he'd never see his father or heaven again.

But through this act of mercy, and yes-- unmerited favor, we are clean; and fit to recieve forgiveness; and freely associate with the Lord, and go to heaven if we so desire.[/quote]
(All spelling and grammatical errors are his.)

So to summarize, what our friend Seth is saying is that humans have committed no offense against God, and yet because God chose to make humans as he did, humans must be cleansed of their intrinsic filth.

Do you agree, Christians? Does God make an intrinsically flawed creation, which he then has to repair or cleanse? If so, why wouldn't he simply do a better job of making his creations the first time?
jackieash · 26-30
This "creator", who apparently made everything, made such a botch up we should be worshipping Dr Frankenstein. And yet, we are not expected to ask questions. In act, we're told we are wrong to wonder about it. And when I hear "he gave us free will", it is not exactly free will, is it? "Worship me or I'll wipe you out". If any national leader has such an attitude, he/she would rightly be called dictatorial. Why is this "god" any different?
jackieash · 26-30
@Amish Or more likely...people, on their own volition,have decided just to work and push for change. For whatever reason. When people are badly injured inwork, it makes sense to find a way to make that task less dangerous. Managers aren't bothered, as long as the work gets done, but it takes the actions of workers' representatives to put faults right. As far as anyone knows, no thought was given about god or faith. Similar with the health service. I am becoming alarmed at the comments denegrating medical science services, it has to be said, made by christians on this site, (some of them devout followers of conspiracy theories), outrightly saying people don't need doctors or medical staff to help them to get better, that hospitals are death factories, and vaccines do more harm than good, and everyone must put faith in a god to get better, even implying if anyone seeks to get better through medical means, is putting their soul in danger of damnation. It's that kind of attitude that gets my back up about christians.
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Carazaa · F
@jackieash Solving problems is important in life but there is more than this life, there is the next life. Far right christians are people who say they trust in God but they really trust in political leaders and this world more than live for God and the next life. I for one don't live for this world and wont follow political leaders. I believe in unions, and I believe in equal rights for all but I pray more than engage politically.
I respect doctors and nurses but I don't believe doctors know everything. I take vaccines on occasion and I have checkups of course but I wont take any meds besides antibiotics and other short term meds, no pain pills or operations if I can avoid them. Exercise and good nutrition helps us more than meds I think. Hospitals are great but I will prefer to die at home around family than in a hospital. I do admire nurses and doctors for their education, and hard work though.
Even when I was still a church going Christian I could never make this make sense and neither could any priest. I stuck around for awhile not because I believed any of it but because there were good people who cared about their community in the church. Once I moved from that community there was nothing keeping me to that religion. I was about 14 and never looked back and it just seems more bizarre the older I get.
Carazaa · F
You did not summarize what he said correctly! He wrote the truth! If you don't understand what the Bible says don't blame it on other people.
Carazaa · F
@CorvusBlackthorne Why did you say that?
@Carazaa I was mistaken.
@Carazaa [quote]Yes he made you, and yes he knew how you would turn out![/quote]
So then he makes broken things.
Iwillwait · M
God did not want a robot per se, and he gave us "Free Will," which resulted in sin occurring.
Iwillwait · M
@Carazaa 🤗
Carazaa · F
@Iwillwait 🤗
@Iwillwait [quote]Amazing it has not penetrated you yet.[/quote]
Poor excuses rarely do.
[quote]Denying truth over and over does not make it a new reality.[/quote]
Yet you do it over and over.
pdxlinux · 36-40, M
i am xtian but i am not a child. the teachings of the past were intended for the societies and sensibilities of the past. it's an individual quest for answers to questions now. for example, i watched this beautiful doc on netflix about an amazon jungle tribe, and their elder explained in great detail their creation story. it was wonderful and meaningful to them. will i get any benefit from trying to shoehorn myself into that picture?
The "O Felix Culpa" - often associated more with the Eastern Orthodox Church - posits that the "fall" was a necessary evil, to bring forth a greater good.

Part of the idea is that to create people totally incapable of "sin" would be to create robots - thus we have "freedom" to choose.

Whatever, being a non-theist I consider all such speculations a hindrance to finding the path to the end of suffering.

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