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God created you and the entire universe, he doesn't need to prove himself to anyone.

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I trust in Jesus, please share your testimony if you want to below.
I am not sure about Jesus. Please share below if you want to.
I have had bad experiences with a church and I don't believe any more. Pleae share below if you want
I don't believe in God. He hasn't proven himself at all to me. Please share below.
I believe in God but not that Jesus rose from the grave and will come back to judge, please share.
Other, please share below.
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God explains who he is in the Bible. It is important not to dismiss God because some people are not loving, or a church is wrong. God is very loving that is why he came out of heaven, visited us, and took our sins on his own shoulders. He is coming again to judge the living and the dead. We are all sinners but if we trust what Jesus did he promises heaven for us. I hope you will trust in Jesus too! We can not ever lose our salvation if God has saved us. It is his grace that saves us not anything we do.
Castenmas · M
According to a book.
Carazaa · F
@Unhinged So true!
Castenmas · M
@Unhinged Why does only that book matter?
Carazaa · F
1. Because it is the only book inspired from God proving Gods love to humanity.
2. It tells you the truth, that we are sinner and need to repent. (People don't like to hear that. It's not popular)
saintsong · 41-45, F
It's such a long story of falling, redemption given His life, being born again, becoming the light of the world for all to see, being reaped by Angels and so much more, a deep deep love, a healthy fear of God, obedience, forgiveness, comfort, everything all in all In God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit....To know and be known, to keep my lantern full, to share the truth with everyone I know!
Carazaa · F
@saintsong That's beautiful! Thank you!!🙏
The reason why you don’t believe in Zeus, Odin, Ganesh, Amun-Ra etc is the reason why I don’t believe in the Bible god.
@Carazaa Why is the Bible truth and the Koran for example not the truth?

Both claim it.
Carazaa · F
@LosSantosNPC Because The Bible is God's and [i]not[/i] the Koran! Because the word became flesh and dwelt among us and proved the Bible [i]is [/i] God. He walked on water and raised people from the dead, and taught us to love our enemies, and he was tortured for our transgressions, and he rose in front of 500 men, and he is coming to judge the living and the dead!
@Carazaa Yeah the Koran says all that too.

You basically sided with the book you read first.
G0ddess · F
I know God loves me but idk why I feel no emotions these days while praying..
Unhinged · 100+, M
@G0ddess Sometimes it be like that but we press on because he is so worthy
G0ddess · F
@Carazaa tysm for your prayer I did eat and go to church I feel so good 😁
Carazaa · F
@G0ddess Fantastic!
Lostpoet · M
We are all little worlds made cunningly.
Lostpoet · M
@Unhinged Sadly, It was already written by John Donne.
Unhinged · 100+, M
@Lostpoet as a poet… the words we wish we’d written
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