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So liam neeson, what made you think this story was appropriate for this interview?

Having dated an Irish man myself who had an assault charge under his belt for defending the honour of a woman I understand the mindset [b]liam Neeson[/b] has. But as I said to my partner, it still doesnt make it right.
Yes there are many people in this world that need to be taught a lesson, and they can walk through life Scot free never paying for their crimes or so we think. But we are not put on this earth to play God! Nor are we here to do God's work through punishing others. With that being said people are so happy to fuel hate, but ask them to show others love and compassion and they'll be recoiling and shrivelling up by the idea.

I will say this, the mindset of liam Neeson I do feel is violent, and I do feel is racist and by far ignorant.
Why because he didn't care who it was that he hurt, which tells me he doesn't view people as individual's, he lumps them all into one. [i](Because individual's from a group cannot think for themselves or think anything different? )[/i] ignorant because perhaps he didn't have black friends or associations so dehumanizing them all makes it easier to kill one. And thirdly violent because he is showing signs that perhaps he had an underlying anger that he suppressed and perhaps that moment in time was the ammunition he needed to really dish out a good beating.

Now some my view what I have said and disagree but I'll tell you this. My relationship ended because he did think he was above everyone else, he talked about many things whilst we were together and we couldnt see eye to eye. He often talked to me as if I wasnt black but I was [i][b]alright[/b][/i] simply because I was dating him. Blanket terms are racist. And I couldnt stomach it, for much longer, maybe by him being with me made him feel even more of a cut above the rest because interracial dating is still fairly modern and he exceeded the preconceived notions he and his friends had about mixed relationships. Who knows, this isn't about him its about liam Neeson and his anger issues.
SumKindaMunster · 51-55, M
It's absolutely ridiculous that him telling a story, and describing his feelings about something that happened to him, is being interpreted as anti black violence and propaganda, when again, he is describing something that he felt. He didn't do anything but tell a story.

Also, here you are complaining about this and calling him out for being racist and ignorant, while you yourself are stereotyping and assuming you know what's in his heart.

[quote]I will say this, the mindset of liam Neeson I do feel is violent, and I do feel is racist and by far ignorant. [/quote]

Step back and look at the larger picture. You are being manipulated, but because it is gratifying to you to hear and believe such things, you are fine with it.
Peppa · 31-35, F
@SumKindaMunster I'm glad you agree with me
SumKindaMunster · 51-55, M
@Peppa Not at all, and you certainly know that I don't.

But hey, if that's your response, so be it. Maybe you can send me a postcard from the state of denial.
Peppa · 31-35, F
@SumKindaMunster ha! After all this I'm sure you'd rather a personal visit.
Sicarium · 41-45, M
That awkward moment when you're so racist against white people that you actually side with a rapist.

Social justice is cancer. Social justice warriors are tumors.
Peppa · 31-35, F
@Sicarium well you are showing yourself up to be very silly.
I think what I said was [quote]So if you cannot understand English, the words I'm plainly using you are what's wrong with the world and if you stand on the opposing side, they need to eradicate you and people with your mindset because you are what's wrong with the world![/quote]

You still refuse to read what I had to say so you can continue to fight your nonsense argument.

The fact that he felt the need to go out for a week with a cosh with the intention of attacking any [b]black[/b]man that started something with him, tells me he is racist.
His mindset thinks that's just because a man is black at least one of them will try it with him...
The bottom line was after that week he had to change his inherent racist views simply because despite his friend being raped by a black man the many black men that walked past him or came out of the pub didnt try anything with him forcing him to see the errors of his racist ways.

So if you cannot understand what i am saying you have a problem because I am writing in plain English the universial language.
Sicarium · 41-45, M
@Peppa [quote]You still refuse to read what I had to say[/quote] At this point, correct. I'm kind of tired of your nonsensical rants and horrible grammar whole preaching about English. You've got nothing intelligent to say because you're not thinking. You're just trying to justify your victim mentality and anti-white racism.
Peppa · 31-35, F
@Sicarium I'm not writing in perfect grammar simply because I'm responding at a speed I'm not used to, but my words are still legible and not open to interpretation regardless if there is a lack of grammar.
You dont like that I am going again your words. And you dont like that I have asked you to reread what was previously written...

I'm slowly breaking you down, and when you finally stop maybe then you will stop. And reconsider then you will see what was written... until such time I can only hope that you get some rest.
Because I have to hold my hat up to you, he fought very hard for what you believe in, anyone would be proud to have you on their team...

But you're still incorrect in your judgment of me.
bobby1975 · F
If he said "white male" or "male" it's unlikely anyone would bother discussing it. Likewise if it was a female or a feminist who said it she is likely to be championed.

He spoke and recalled thoughts about his internal reaction to the traumatic event of a friend many years ago. It may be irrational or psychiatric at the time. To say he is a racist based on this past recall of an event is ridiculous
bobby1975 · F
You do know I'm not stupid.
[b]you are asking me to take you at face value[/b]

You do know that I understand what anger does to a person.
[b]i dont know that in particular[/b]

You do know I acknowledged his behavior, and I said so Also in regards to my ex.
[b]so you accept your own experience plays a role in your approach. so the actors experience from 40 years ago did and he acknowledged that it was wrong[/b]

You do do that his primal urge was to bludgeon an innocent black man because he took a angry racist approach to dealing with the situation.
I'm glad he sought help!!!
[b]his primal urge was anger and that he said it would be similar if it were an irish or a scot or a brit or a lituanian[/b]

You do know that just because of your circumstances it does mean you can do better. [b]absolutely and i believe he is a perfect example of a man who HAS done better[/b]

You do know that by making a statement doesn't change his ignorance or change my view on his racism simply because why does the persons race change the fact that this person was a violent rapist and how does that mean that every or any person from that same race deserves to be attacked as a consequence of not being able to attack that one person.
[b]he accpeted his ignorance from 40 years ago. and again he has clearly pointed out if it was an irish or a scot or a brit or a lithuanian he would have done the same. anger and stupidity was the mode[/b]

Even if his film is about revenge his personal situation didn't actually need to be approached the way he did which he even questioned him self for during the interview "god forbid"
[b]he was giving his experience, similar to how you gave your experience of your ex.[/b]

And just because you might say you are not racist if you're actions show signs of racism then you are a racist.
And his behavior was the actions of an ignorant racist who is attempting to justify his lack of life and experience.
[b]his actions of 40 years ago were through anger and stupidity and he has clearly stated he is NOT a racist. his action as he said would have been focussed towards an irish or a scot or a brit or a lithuanian[/b]

It's far from a lazy default I listened could still hear the hurt in his voice, I also heard his delivery on the black bastard and I also heard his shame that followed his God forbid statement.

Knowing he is a calculating man I don't dismiss he back tracked and calculated how this could be interpreted.

And if what I'm saying is so lazy why have they cancelled premieres?

[b]they cancelled the premiere because of political correctedness of which the world has gone made on and which social justice warrors thrive upon and move onto the next thing that smells of offence[/b]
Peppa · 31-35, F
@bobby1975 so you cannot take my words at face value but you chose to take his.
Until today we weren't aware of this in his private life and we ate not aware of his day to day behaviour since so to take what he has said is a choice you made just because it suits you that he said he would do the same if the person were Brit Scot Lithuanian Irish. Funnily enough all races of people that have conflict with each other...

You can continue to pick apart more but my opinions still stand and they are not changing. So I wish you a good evening. I'm done with this tonight but should you respond I will get back to you.
Tata darling
bobby1975 · F
@Peppa I never said I was or was not taking you at face value.

Just Remember and don’t forget he said if it was an Irish or a Scot or a Brit or a Lithuanian he would have done the same.

He has acknowledged the depravity of his thoughts from 40 years ago. It’s a human story like it or not. He rightfully sought help at the time.

Those narratives of reality don’t fit comfortably with the social justice warriors and their visceral hate.
People are only okay because it’s him, if a poc said something similar he’d be called a terrorist lmao
SumKindaMunster · 51-55, M
@Peppa Ha ha ha, yeah I can totally tell nothing I said had any impact on you whatsoever.
Peppa · 31-35, F
@SumKindaMunster good night, I gave other things to do tonight but I'm happy to respond later on... Tata darling, have a lovely evening.
SumKindaMunster · 51-55, M
@Peppa 👋 Toodles!
Keepitsimple · 51-55, F
I’m dissapointed in him. I really like him as an actor. Sometimes celebrities need to keep their mouths shut. They destroy their careers and just divide people even more.
There is no defence for this story. He was undoubtedly racist 40 years ago and the manner he retold the story doesn't really show he has changed much.
Peppa · 31-35, F
@SW-User I'm glad that there are some people with some sense. It seems that because I have made a point regarding this it makes me a slave to the media coverage surrounding it. When I originally hadn't read an article just listened to the interview he had with the journalist. I made a post after that footballer who is defending him came on this morning.
I get what he is saying about Liam Neeson but like yourself the way he relives that story doesn't show me that he has changed but whatever really. Liam Neeson will continue to live comfortably free from prejudices and his money and status give him a freedom many black people are still fighting for, one of the many innocent black people that could have potentially been his victim.
I can't fault him.

I've said/thought stupid and wrong stuff in my life. You learn from it.
Peppa · 31-35, F
@SW-User I dont think it was anything he needed to bring up. If he learnt from his mistake he didn't need to rehash it. It was obvious this would be taken the wrong way even if in time hes changed.

He should be ensuring that his offspring are taught the lessons he learnt so not to further perpetrate the gate he felt simply because he felt powerless.

Theres an ex footballer talking about it and saying it was a guide for catholic vs protestants in Ireland, if that were the case that's what he should be discussing. As that is a battle that long needs to die but to use a black man as a scapegoat to address this issue is ridiculous and a typical act of shitting on blacks in the community
firefall · 61-69, M
I admit to being very disappointed, & somewhat astonished - not that Neeson might sometimes think like that, but that he felt it was OK to blurt it out & air it out. I used to admire him for some of his earlier work (Schindlers List, Michael Collins, in particular) but this is just ... disgusting.
Peppa · 31-35, F
@firefall as you can see it's been a battle today that I certainly wont be backing down from, maybe I dont have the words but many here haven't even read the bloody article or heard what he said but being a black woman discussing race rules some people up and has already caused them to view this situation as a bash me day. But whatever, hes an idiot and gone down in my estimation. He wasnt called out on racism before so dragging this up seems to me like an attempt to shake up his acting career.
firefall · 61-69, M
@Peppa Yes, I guess, although he's been so successful for so long you'd think he didnt need more. I can understand revenge fantasy against a specific person, but against a whole race because of one person? that's .... well, Hitleresque.
@firefall not hitleresque, but just simple plain inherent racism
While understanding your points, I just think that some are making a big deal out of nothing really... if he went out there looking for a white man, then no one would say any of this... I believe that if we are looking for and seeking a world of equality, then we should not make a big deal out of this... just my thoughts, and I will say no more...
Peppa · 31-35, F
@Soossie if he made statements about it being a white man. We would be assessing this based upon his ignorance and his aggression and the impact it had on his desire to seek revenge not the addition of race. Which is precisely the same things I have addressed within this feed.

Other people are becoming sensitive because I am black and speaking out. Although they haven't actually said I'm using the race card they've gone the long winded way of doing so. Some resorting to very childish behavior to continue to perpetrate their views in regards to this.

Thank you... true words... I never liked the man and I always believed that he was an ignorant dumb... so, calling him a racist by many, seems to be abit unfair to the whole situation..
Starcrossed · 41-45, F
It's SO gross and was completely inappropriate and unnecessary. Trying toooooo hard to prove he can relate when he ended up making himself look so deeply racist. It's going to hard for people to forgive this, to believe he's truly grown in all those years.
Peppa · 31-35, F
@Starcrossed I agree with this statement so much.

I really liked liam Neeson I think because I thought he was a down to earth guy who wanted better for himself coming from such humble beginnings but this, even if he wouldnt claim to be racist has really changed my opinion of him...
Imsleepy · 31-35
I’ve been in a similar situation, I had similar feelings. I can’t fault him in the slightest.
Wow. That's some reaction to his interview. And I just thought he was trying to promote a movie, figuring he should bring up a story from his past that will fit in with the dialogue of the day. 🤷‍♀️
Peppa · 31-35, F
@SW-User how wrong you may be. It's been discussed all over and as holly Willoughby said who is white, [quote]"what I find so scary is the fact he thought it was ok to retaliate by going out with the intention of killing an innocent black man simply because the rapist was black!"

So if you think my interpretation as a black woman was wrong, sges white and clearly feels the same disbelief I do...
@Peppa I'm really not trying to minimize your position or feelings. I know it's been discussed by the media. I worked with a bunch of Irish men and I've never doubted the racist streak that runs through the culture. It's not just blacks they have a problem with. As a Jew and a woman, I had to deal with a lot of crap from various guys. Neeson brought up an incident that happened 40 years ago. Why would he bring it up now? I really think he believed he was "sharing" to promote his movie. I'm not saying what he did wasn't wrong. I can't speculate on the amount of anger the man may still have inside of him. I think he's just another ignorant entertainer who is completely out of touch with society. They come in all colors.
Peppa · 31-35, F
@SW-User I hear you, as I said I still dont get why he felt to bring this up now...or ever!
Whilst i get his anger and confusion at the time, it was wrong of him to make it about race. If the rapist had been white would he gone after a white man?

But shock and anger displace all rational thought, what is bizarre is him bringing it up after all this time.
@Peppa a week is not much time to process a trauma.

I wonder if he had left colour out of this and just said he was looking to pick a fight with someone how differently it may have been received.
Peppa · 31-35, F
@InOtterWords if he tood the story as he did without colour in light of all the #metoo movements and all these other fights for rights, people would have still jumped on this. Simply because he talks about seeking revenge and pretty much setting an imminent person up to being bludgeoned to death for a crime they didnt commit.

Which us why when I spoke to other members here I broke it down into racism, ignorance and sheer violence. Because there are different aspects to this particular story and incident.
@Peppa but if it is looked at as the rage connected people feel at sexual assault, how something likes this effevts society, how to deal with would be a different discussion. If race wss left out it would have changed the focus and perhaps more would be made of the fact he felt like this but still did not act upon it. But the issue is about race, he made it so, and people are, quite rightly, aggrieved by it

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