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What do you think of Asthon Kutcher & Mila Kunis supporting thier rapists friend Danny Masterson

even though he was find guilty & sentence to 30 years in prison
i think people want to see the best in their friends, even when their friends are wrong.
Jonjdw · 46-50, M
Those letters written before he was found guilty and sentenced I believe. They were pretty much doing some thing that a lot of people do. I think they praised him too much in the letters.

If it would be me writing a letter for somebody I’ve known for many years I would just say things like I’ve never witnessed him saying or acting inappropriately. And only if that were the truth. But they were making him sound like a big role model to them and everybody around them
Makes me sad cuz i really liked um and now i REALLY dont like um
Morvoren · F
I really don’t worry about what celebs think. Ever.
I believe they were just trying to help their friend. After conviction, a judge has full discression over sentencing and the letters were written in hopes of lightening that sentence. It didn't work, and the judge went for the maximum.

I haven't followed the case to know if it what he did was worth the max or not.
redredred · M
I don’t think either one of them is okay with rape but friendship can lead one to want to lend emotional support.
Hollywood babies reading the script..
they looked like hostages to me..
Barefooter25 · 46-50, M
Not surprised. They all have been friends since starring in That 70s Show.
Lilymoon · F
Kinda scuzzy I'm sure they knew what a sleaze bucket he was 😝
Synyster · 51-55, M
Here you go with the answer.

This is what they had to say about it. Apparently his family approached them to give a reference for the person they had known as a friend all those years.

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