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What folklores or urban legends are surround your area?

Here in the south western united states seems like a magnet for extraterrestrial sightings

That or there's kokopelli
CrazyMusicLover · 31-35
I only know old folklore, like wisps on Saint John's night that were supposed to lead you to treasure.
Then water creatures that wanted to lure you into a pond or a river and drown you. There is an old green man with algae everywhere on him, the other are water fairies.
Dwarfs, wood fairies. Usual old stuff....
redredred · M
The small city in the eastern part of my New England state was almost uninvolved to the American Revolution. However, one evening during the war the Night Watch heard the sound of distant marching. Alarmed that the British were marching their way the Watch alerted the City Guard and the troops mustered to defend the city. To protect their families they decided to take the fight to the British and marched toward the distant sound.

A few miles outside of the city, as they approached a great swamp they bravely faced the enemy; a very noisy, very large mass mating of frogs.

The city today has a bridge with four sculpted frogs, one at each corner.
caPnAhab · 26-30, M
@redredred thats a pretty neat bit of history
caPnAhab · 26-30, M
@BrokenAbyss I really like those little guys.
kodiac · 22-25, M
Moth man and the old haunted prison in Moundsville
caPnAhab · 26-30, M
@kodiac good ones. Thank you man
MyNameIsHurl · 41-45, F
Florida man but it's all true
caPnAhab · 26-30, M
@MyNameIsHurl it's true, I've seen him.

I've seen them!
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caPnAhab · 26-30, M
@MalteseFalconPunch now that's the one I want to know about
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Fullmetal · 46-50, M
@MalteseFalconPunch skinwalkers!!
Most things here in New Hampshire are mixed between U.K. and Native American beliefs, all our lakes are named by the Native Americans, but our towns are primarily named by immigrants.
caPnAhab · 26-30, M
@checkoutanytime interesting, thank you
moonie · 22-25, F
there’s a bridge in my town named dead women’s crossing because in the 1900s a woman and baby died there mysteriously and the murder was never solved
caPnAhab · 26-30, M
@moonie ahh that's tragic
wildbill83 · 36-40, M
bigfoot, haunted houses, areas that are considered "evil" (theres a place near here called devil's staircase), etc. and the like...
@caPnAhab once when i was driving in the woods, i got lost and there was a large wolf like creature on all 4's cross in front of my car!!! my mom was with me and she saw it too.
caPnAhab · 26-30, M
@AliceinWonderland I've heard of wolf like creatures, sometimes even with bear-like characteristics.
wildbill83 · 36-40, M
The New Jersey Devil
caPnAhab · 26-30, M
@SethGreene531 a classic
@caPnAhab Absolutely.

I was thinking the Mothman too, but that's a little farther from us.
Missouri has Momo the monster ( seriously couldn't they of came up with a better name?) Also have legend of a voodoo witch in St. Charles.
Blackwell Road..supposedly an evil enity haunts it

Only legends/folklore i know
caPnAhab · 26-30, M
@Bexsy what I can see, momo sort of looks like big foot
@caPnAhab yes, pretty much
DeluxedEdition · 26-30, F
The place where I live it is extraordinarily haunted I believe it has to do with the fact that this is one of the areas in which the KKK was originally founded
Andromedanian · 22-25, M
@DeluxedEdition are there like evil spirits or something?
DeluxedEdition · 26-30, F
@Andromedanian this is my personal opinion yes lol

There is ghost tours and all that kind of stuff in this town and there’s a lot of old buildings that belong to the city that are very haunted as well

They wrote a book about all of the hauntings

Personally I live next to a cemetery and I have seen and experience things myself. A police officer told me once that people around my area call all the time claiming that people are breaking in but nobody is there when they arrive
caPnAhab · 26-30, M
@DeluxedEdition interesting!

And I would fully expect some sort of crazy haunted stuff coming from the kkk
🤔... Diefenbaker knocked up 2 if his secretaries

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