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Who are the polyamory advocates for seniors? [I Am Polyamory]

I'm coming 71 years old. My days of procreation ended when I was 34 and had a vascectomy. My wife is my age and post-menopausal(no surprise there?).
Social scientists report that STIs are running rampant through the country's long term care (LTC) homes. Why? Because older folk still like the feel of holding someone close and being held close and sex (when possible) is the finest mechanism for fostering such feelings.
So... why, when most people in LTC homes are either separated from their spouses due to illness or are widow(er)ed and are wanting to practise sex with available people is it still such a TABOO subject - rejected by society?? Why doesn't someone advocate in the media for its acceptance?
One person cannot stand alone to publicly raise this topic.... it needs a 'movement' of like-minded people.

I forgot an attachment, I liked this link:
ViciDraco · 36-40, M
It's a drastic change from how we've structured our modern cultures so it is going to take some time to find broad acceptance.

But it is becoming less rare among young people as well. There is a poly flag among the lbgt+ types.

My own poly lifestyle is known among family, but not at work.
Kygirl · 61-69, F
I understand were you are coming from but it's against God's law so unfortunately we can't question it.
It's for our own protection.
Zeusdelight · 61-69, M
[@5627,samueltyler2] Does he know who his wife is?
JollyRoger · 70-79, M
[@1387,Zeusdelight] That happens sometimes with dementia.... people forget their recent past (and most of the present) and just live for the moment. Who is society to dictate what is morally (sexually) right when they are acting as innocent children - and it makes no real difference anyway (except to the institution management who are worried that someone from the outside will close them down). Society regulations - pfffft!
Zeusdelight · 61-69, M
[@331498,JollyRoger] So you think she should not be protected?
Keepitsimple · 51-55, F
Couldn’t you just do it with a willing participant?
JollyRoger · 70-79, M
[@11509,Keepitsimple] Oh yes..... but it's the 'acceptability' of it by society - by the people who run long term care institutions. Anyone can have sex with the opposite gender, but it's the weird reactions to having more than one partner that creates the problem.....Why does that reaction exist?

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