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Big boobs are a curse when you are trying to be a good gf.

No matter what you wear, random dudes look or talk about them when out in public.
[big][center][u][i][b][c=A69800]Uhhhh not like the pic on this category? The heck 馃檲 did I just see 馃檲 and not wearing things like in that pic.

Anyways yep sure big boobs can be annoying. Such as with clothes and also getting people stare at you.

Lol things you find online while searching for something:

Queendragonfly31-35, F
How are you a less good girlfriend cause of men who's attracted to you? How can that possibly be on you? My man never blame me for others actions.
menace22-25, F
@Queendragonfly it just feels like it when they come up to you and try flirting
Cliff698241-45, M
@menace that just means that you are a desirable woman that your bf should lucky to have but you can't take that out on yourself just because most guys only have one thing on there mind.
Matt8536-40, M
It's all good as long as you dont check them out back.
If you don鈥檛 want the attention, don鈥檛 wear clothes that accentuate your boob size.

Avoid wardrobe malfunction. Make sure you always use safety pin when wearing tops/shirts with front buttons.

You can only hide them so much. If they want to look, that鈥檚 their choice.
Seems you have two options:

Ignore the morons as best you can.

Invest in some duct tape.

Choose wisely.
@menace purely honest question but how big are the boobs we鈥檙e talking about here? Duct tape fixes everything.

Then maybe it has to be sweatshirts.
menace22-25, F
@southerngent I was just joking. I don't want to use duct tape
@menace phew. That would probably leave a mark anyway.

I鈥檓 sure you have nice boobs. And eventually the back pain will be tough to deal with.

But focus on your guy. You鈥檒l be fine.
goliathtree56-60, M
Random dudes, including this one, look at boobs of all sizes. It's what we do.
Hang around with better people perhaps.
If it helps, it happens to us smaller-boobed individuals too
menace22-25, F
@Katie01 haha yeah I'm just venting
@menace I get what you mean though! It's so hard to stay faithful when everybody seems to want you 馃槶
Don't get too caught up in it. Guys will look. It's in our DNA. Speaking disrespectfully is not however!
Lostlostlost51-55, M
It鈥檚 better than no one noticing you at all
QCDog265961-69, M
Some guys, and girls, can be such pigs.
Big boobs are overrated
Outdoorfreedom56-60, M
Take as a compliment. Us men like it when people look at our wife or gf's nice curves. Some women can cover it up pretty good though with what they wear.
which is very sad, i try to at least be polite when giving women in the wild complements cause i have to hope not to be one of these posts for her(s)
fvckit41-45, M
Gonna need to see these boobs you keep talking about to better assist you. I鈥檓 almost certain I鈥檒l have great advice
ekwalizur41-45, M
I wouldn't mind that. I like the idea of guys wanting to have what I have, but can't. Look but don't touch
specman51-55, M
It should be easy if you truly are trying to be monogamous. Women do everyday.
Isn鈥檛 it kind of fun though?? I love it when I notice someone noticing my tits.
does that kind of comment, cause you relationship troubles?
I have some exp[reinces,,
BigBulge41-45, M
Be proud of what you've got, and show them off every chance you get.
MrAverage196561-69, M
I can understand them looking but do they really talk about them?
joggie36-40, M
But I love em when they bounce during jogging oh yeah
BigBulge41-45, M
I'd say that you were blessed. Would you rather be flat chested ?
AndysAttic56-60, M
Probably more of a curse if you are a bloke.
HypnoChode46-50, M
Huge boobs are overrated.
menace22-25, F
@HypnoChode agreed
VampireOfDesire26-30, M
Ill hold onto them. Go have fun with your bf
ididntknow51-55, M
Men love boobs, it鈥檚 natural
AthrillatheHunt51-55, M
How big are we talking here ?
bikelover51-55, M
Yeah they are pretty hard to ignore 馃槉
MURD3RM0NK3Y26-30, M
Like how big
menace22-25, F
@MURD3RM0NK3Y imagine big ones. And then imagine them even bigger
MURD3RM0NK3Y26-30, M
@menace damn that鈥檚 pretty big.
ididntknow51-55, M
Do you have large breasts ?
Emjay18-21, F
I'm lucky to be average I suppose.
Degbeme70-79, M
random dudes look or talk about them when out in public = STUPID LITTLE BOYS
BigGuy226-30, M
How big

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