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How the hell do people just click and get along?

It's a mystery to me. Because they just talk to me once and decide that they hate me.
Dust057 · 46-50 Best Comment
I think people click because:

1. Sexual attraction
2. Shared values, or recognition of something they value in the other person.

So maybe (not trying to be harsh, just honest) people don't find you attractive, and they don't feel anything in common with you. I don't know you at all, so idk what you value or how you express (or don't) that when meeting people.

I do know I had someone online once who said they had a similar problem so I said hey I'll help you try to figure it out if you want to chat with me about it. And we had a conversation in DMs for a while and I was just hearing what they had to say, trying to understand their situation and then they got mad at me for kind of no reason or rather they got confused and assumed I was saying or doing something I wasn't and they got offended and I decided to keep my distance from them because I saw there really wasn't a way for me to help them since they were so defensive and angry toward me I couldn't really advise or help them. They wouldn't be open to it on the defense.

Idk if that is relatable to you at all or not, but you could consider that you might have some issue like that. A social hang up, some kind of quirk or personality trait that causes people to decide to go somewhere else and keep you at a distance. I've heard for example that autistic people have problems with social cues and it makes it hard to connect with others.

None of what I said is meant to be offensive, I don't know or assume anything about you. I'm just offering some suggestions on how or why a hypothetical person might have issues.
assemblingaknob · 26-30, F
@Dust057 yeah. I probably don't have shared values / shared interests with those around me, and I'm certainly not the artful talker that would come across as charming. You're spot on with your general observations.
Dust057 · 46-50
@assemblingaknob it can feel like you’re all alone when you’re not mainstream. The reason I came here is someone online said it was a good place to be yourself and find people you connect with. Have you found that here or elsewhere online? (Or offline?)

Ducky · 31-35, F
I know the feeling. I think it’s just a matter of compatibility and good compatibility is difficult to find.
My wife 😻
val70 · 51-55
I know. Perhaps you don't fit either

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