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Do people ever stare at you while you're walking in the streets?

It's really annoying the amount of stares I got this morning I'd be looking somewhere else and then when I turn in another direction there's people staring at me wtf 馃檮 and no it's not my imagination because it happens a lot I don't even like people staring at me shit I don't even stare at people
juiceyangel33326-30, F Best Comment
It's like they have never seen another human before
Prettybratbi1tch22-25, F
[@6492,juiceyangel333] Ikr
juiceyangel33326-30, F
[@926164,Prettybratbitch] thanks for BA
Prettybratbi1tch22-25, F
[@6492,juiceyangel333] 馃槏 ofc

Carver26-30, F
It鈥檚 really annoying! I mean, I know I鈥檓 good-looking and everything, but come on.
Carver26-30, F
[@605647,Nothingness] I mean you, hot stuff. 馃槝
[@27917,Carver] *giggles* 馃榿馃枻馃槝馃拫
Carver26-30, F
[@605647,Nothingness] 馃い馃槈馃拫
pikminboy26-30, M
its normal... people are curioous. But if they feel like you dont like being stared, usually they look elsewhere. Thats what people do with me sometimes.
[@950803,pikmin4] It鈥檚 often different for girls. Rape is a thing and we don鈥檛 know what an awkward look means.
Beautywithin31-35, F
Yes annoys hell out of me!!! I'm like while your at it would you like to take a picture
[@701201,Beautywithin] Some looks are more leering and feel more dangerous too. 馃枻
All the time. It used to be cool but my anxiety kills me now.
[@926164,Prettybratbitch] I just want to fade into the scenery and be left alone.
Beautywithin31-35, F
[@605647,Nothingness] meeee too
[@701201,Beautywithin] It鈥檚 not that I don鈥檛 feel complimented at times. I do... but the anxiety is worse than the compliment is good many times.
No. It's a challenge to find ANYBODY who's eyes are not glued to their smartphone.
Prettybratbi1tch22-25, F
[@609293,RogueLoner] well lucky you
[@926164,Prettybratbitch] I'd say so.
If they do, they're looking at my pistol.
Prettybratbi1tch22-25, F
[@777164,xixgun] or the lack of perhaps 馃
[@926164,Prettybratbitch] I always wear a pistol. No sexual innuendo involved.
Asmae31-35, F
They do but most of the time it doesn't bother me now
Prettybratbi1tch22-25, F
[@509132,DropsOfPain] lucky you
Asmae31-35, F
Matter of time I guess [@926164,Prettybratbitch]
thinkincubes36-40, M
Must be tough when you are female. 99,9 percent of guys are totally invisible on the street!

(for clarity's sake: I wouldn't want to be female, ever)
The only time people stare at me is at work when I have to help fhem. Otherwise I am like John Cena.

I am overrated and my finisher sucks.
SW User
Yes I will notice and then they turn their heads really quick. And when I don't notice my hub tells me I was being stared at again.馃檮
Test1234526-30, M
then hide your cleavage and stop wearing tight yoga pants on the street
Prettybratbi1tch22-25, F
[@336516,MartinTheFirst] I don't dress half naked or show anything really
Bluebell31-35, F
Not stare but there is often a look.
Prettybratbi1tch22-25, F
[@330590,Bluebell] a look that says what
Bluebell31-35, F
[@926164,Prettybratbitch] a look that could mean anything.
Nanori26-30, F
I don't mind being checked out

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