Experience Project

Experience Project was a social network website, which operated primarily as an online community for story and experience sharing.

The Experience Project, also referred to as “EP” in short, first began its operations in the year 2007, founded by Armen Berjikly. The site was eventually closed in April 2016, remaining in a suspended state for some time. By March 2018, The Experience Project website was taken down fully.

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The Experience Project

Experience Project (EP) was an online community site that encouraged the sharing of stories and experiences.

EP initially started more as a support network website, where individuals who struggled with various ailments could share their experiences and find support and advice in one another.

Over the years, Experience Project developed more into a social network type format, where users connected primarily on the basis of similar interests and experiences, often outside the realm of heath ailments. Eventually, many came to use the website for the wrong reasons, including for illegal activities.

By March 2016, the Experience Project team announced that the site would be shut down within a month’s time. Then on April 21, 2016, the EP website became completely suspended from membership usage. The site and many of its pages, user’s posts and profiles, could still be accessed publicly, however, the ability to log-in to the site was completely ended on that day.

Experience Project remained a publicly viewable, suspended website for almost two years since its closure, until March 2018, when the site was then completely taken down.

Experience Project Archive

An Experience Project Archive was made available as a final feature to users, at the time of the site’s closing.

Before the Experience Project website went completely offline, the remnant “Farewell” page, gave instructions as to how one may save their account’s content.

Under the section of the farewell page which read “How do I save my stories and posts?”, instructions were given, which read:

If you would like to save a personal copy of your stories (with their comments), questions (with their responses), and private message threads, please enter your email address below and press "Export My Content."

When your export is complete, a button will appear below that says "Download My Content", which you must then press to save. Due to the demand, this process may take 1-2 days, but we will email you when it is complete.

Once a user has retained their exported Experience Project Archive, they are able to access that data directly via SimilarWorlds.

SimilarWorlds (SW) has the only known, fully compatible “Experience Project Archive Reader” available. Where all a user needs to do, is upload their archive using an available form, then select which contents of the archive they would like to have imported onto SimilarWorlds.

The user can, for example, restore their old Experience Project Stories onto the SW website, where it can be viewed by other users, depending on the privacy settings chosen.

An ex EP user can also easily navigate through their old Experience Project messages, after having uploaded the EP Archive export on to SW, and choosing the appropriate selection to import messages.

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