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I Am a Pisces

A Pisces wildest dream will always lead to an intimate relationship that's built on nothing but trust, honesty and sheer passion.
the emotional depth of water signs goes beyond what most people could even think to comprehend.. :)
Valencia · 26-30, M
... So you understand what it feels like.. :') I'm sorry if you had to go through that or if you still are, it sucks but it will change, you seem like a genuinely caring person who is always misunderstood. It was never about having the one, because i always believed that if i wanted someone then I have a lot of work to do on myself first. "Before you ask for an amazing girl, be sure to be everything she deserves" so i don't rely on anyone for my happiness anymore, used to yeah, but it's not the case anymore. Its just me in my life nowadays.
I'm actually in a relationship and I have been for like.. 8 years now. Fortunately the things I just talked about are a nonissue for me. But you remind me a little bit of a friend that I have... And I said some similar things to him. I just figured maybe I would try to give you some advice/reassurance based on some of your posts that I skimmed through. I just know sometimes it's really easy to feel lonely, discouraged and depressed when you're a deeply emotional person. And I just wanted to remind you that you're not alone in what you experience. :)
Valencia · 26-30, M
Yeah it can get really hard but hard moments are what's being strong is all about. Thank you. :)
Dionysus · 41-45, F
that's mine!
Sigh. Only we understand it though.

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