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I Really Want To Be Wanted

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I Really Want To Be Wanted
"I want you to want me..." I hate feeling unwanted. I've always felt this way, and it's tears me up inside. I really wish there was someone that truly wanted to be with me. It's gotten so bad that I'm starting to misint...
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41-45, M
+ 0 1 reply 0 views Apr 30, 2015 |
I Really Want To Be Wanted
Could I really be truly wanted and seen as someone who could be attractive? Yeah right... All my life I have thought that I couldn't be. But what if... maybe I could be though... what if it isn't all just lies.. that there maybe could be so...
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22-25, F
+ 0 0 replies 0 views Nov 10, 2014 |
I Really Want To Be Wanted
Everyday I delude myself into thinking there will be something for me; that the one I desperately want will post something somewhere I can see it, and that we can finally dispense with all the charades and finally be together. I digress, though, it...
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41-45, M
+ 0 0 replies 0 views Apr 28, 2014 |
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I Really Want To Be Wanted
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