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I Don't Know What To Say Sometimes

So...ex boyfriend/rebound guy from back in the day tries to add me on Facebook. Tells me he's a writer now and gives me a link...

It's a sex story about a serial killer....

Killing his ex girlfriends...

VERY highly detailed...

Animals are involved...

One has my name and acts exactly like me.....

I did not meet a very merciful end...


Scribbles31-35, F
OMFG! that's creepy as hell. Wow, he's got some issues if he's writing a story about how a serial killer would hurt and kill his ex-gf's and then invite at least one of them to read it. 馃槚

So how do you die in the story?
bhatjc46-50, M
@EllaDisenchanted Some girls are into that
Scribbles31-35, F
@bhatjc You must meet some ...interesting ladies or go to some interesting parties. I've never met a woman who confessed that she wished to die via horse cock. 馃
bhatjc46-50, M
@Scribbles Don't meet some crazy people. But hell their are some wild ones out on the net.
It seems to me he doesn't mind if you block him. He does deserve it. Might share this with your husband.
That ex is disturbed.
Sounds like hubby is amused.
@SomeLikeItHot He is. He has my same dark humor and lack of shame. But the fact that I can't pin down ex's problem and if he's joking or not is a little disconcerting.


giraffe penis.
I imagine that is it least as large as a horse's. The ex doesn't have a small imagination with his tale.
He sounds irresistible I don鈥檛 know what鈥檚 wrong with you
@IrishPat Apparently he wanted a lot of things to hit me in the face.
@EllaDisenchanted well gotta give it to him. It鈥檚 a unique approach
@IrishPat Oh, yeah, that I'll give credit to.
This message was deleted.
bhatjc46-50, M
@EllaDisenchanted He should have know. No one can tame you. And he is really a mormon. That is wacked out.
@bhatjc Only one has been able to tame me so far. Certainly isn't him.
bhatjc46-50, M
@EllaDisenchanted Damn right girl. You have better things to do
bhatjc46-50, M
Block his ass. Sounds like he wants you to be his rebound. Besides you are way out of his league
@bhatjc Thank you. He was probably looking for hot chat and randomly going through the list of formers.
bhatjc46-50, M
@EllaDisenchanted That sounds like it. besides it should be you calling him. Not him calling you .
Canicu6961-69, MVIP
I鈥檇 be reporting that to the authorities. He is one sick puppy

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