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I Dont Like Seeing People Being Left Out

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even though I'm usually the one being left out. wich is why when I'm not and I see someone who is I get the strength usually and go tell them they can be with me
18-21, M
3 replies
Feb 10, 2016
When I was in middle school our PE teacher had this drill that we run around the gym and when he called out a number that's the size of a group we had to form as fast as possible. Looking back I think it was cruel because of course friends alway...
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18 replies
Oct 10, 2015
I'm usually someone being left out. So I know how it feels. My family are very out spoken. I can start sentences and stop and it won't be noticed.
36-40, F
2 replies
May 2, 2015
Its kinda my unwritten life story, being leftbehind. People around me would just move on with their lives and be happy whether by having soo many people around them to care about them or by getting into relationships, etc etc and im yet to be at leas...
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22-25, M
0 replies
Jan 25, 2015
38 people say
I Dont Like Seeing People Being Left Out
Its not nice n people can be mean.
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