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I Want to Live Alone

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I Want to Live Alone
I wish I could run out of the house and start my new life alone ... I hate my family ....
18-21, M
0 replies
Aug 31, 2017
I Want to Live Alone
I hate living with people, it contributes to my depression massively. I don't want to hear their shit, I don't want to hear their shitty tone of voice when life is not going their way. I am happy when I'm alone but they always somehow...
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22-25, M
2 replies
Feb 3, 2017
I Want to Live Alone
I don't mind my sister living with me. I have no problem with that at the moment. She's not too intrusive. I've really enjoyed living alone, though. I could save more money if I didn't, if I split the rent with others, but I never...
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36-40, F
3 replies
Jul 6, 2016
I Want to Live Alone
Right now, I live with my parents. It gets very suffocating. They still tell me what to do and I feel like I have no freedom. I have never liked sharing a place with someone. And you're probably thinking "Well, how do you know you like bein...
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26-30, F
4 replies
Nov 1, 2015
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I Want to Live Alone
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