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I Battle Depression

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I read somewhere that each and every single one of us have a chamber inside of him where his soul actually lives.. For instance, some chambers would be like a library as its full of books and there's a disk in the middle of the room.. Others would be a beach and full of people and children chasing each other.. Others would be just a park and 2 empty wheelchairs facing the sunset..

Then i started to imagine mine, with all my depression, BPD, insecurities and that crap.. I soon came to realise how would it look like.. It would be a freezing cold and dark room, like pitch black and id be sitting on the floor in the corner while placing my head between my knees..dont even ask how i got that vision but i yeah..
22-25, M
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Valencia · 22-25, M
Desk** wtf
I was in love with this woman who fell in love with me we worked together at the library she was a janitor and I was the security guard it's a bad town that needs a security guard for a library but anyways there was a lot of bad things going on in the bathrooms and homeless people and prostitutes and she fell in love with me she came to America from Mexico when she was a teenager she had never experienced love before and she got married to this terrible terrible person who used her as a slave to take care of the children take care of the house while he went out and partied and drank and took drugs and cheated on her with many women and then she met me and fell in love but we had to sneak around and We were afraid that her husband would kill me or I would kill him and go to prison and she couldn't have any more children and I wanted to have children and she wanted to sneak around until her children were grown because he had threatened them.
until she could go to Mexico where she owned three homes and retire but I decided to go to India instead where I could have my own children
Valencia · 22-25, M
Damn :/
Here is the tragic ending
We were married for 22 indescribably happy years raising a family when tragically I had to go to prison to keep her from going to prison and I tragically lost her while I was in prison never to hold her in my arms again are to hear her sweet voice say I love you until the end of time ever again but she will always remain in my heart and I will cherish those memories that we made together they will never fade
Valencia · 22-25, M
... Fuck :(

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