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I Have Sepsis

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I had sepsis 2 years ago .Don't know how I got it but it caused heart failure and damaged nearly all my major organs .I was in a coma for 10 days and in a specialist heart hospital in London for nearly 2 months .I am now being kept alive on medication and my heart is only working at 25 percent .
51-55, M
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Feb 19, 2019
nafiens · 51-55, M
That does not sound like fun. How are you holding up?
nafiens · 51-55, M
[@470110,Rhodesianman] Well I hope you pull through this. It sounds really rough. Hopefully the antibiotics you are on help.
Rhodesianman · 51-55, M
Yer they do so just taking each day as it comes .It will be 2 years in March so lets hope for many more .
Seastar · 36-40, F
[@470110,Rhodesianman] I'm so sorry that you could never identify WHAT caused it.. well you are one LUCKY person and probably are more grateful than anyone here- which is a GREAT trait :) Perhaps meditation can help in day to day living... and just only being in 'Now' too. It's the only place/time any of us have or live in.. *hugggg*
Oddnelly · 36-40, F
Im sorry to hear that. Youre lucky to be with us.
Budwick · 61-69, M
I understand that sepsis is most often contracted while in the hospital for something else. Is that true in your case as well?
Rhodesianman · 51-55, M
[@841775,Budwick] No I apparently got rushed to hospital in an ambulance with it I don't remember .Apparently the hospital told me you can get it as easily as from a dirty cut .Mine was so bad it had already done irrepearable damage it is evil .
Budwick · 61-69, M
[@470110,Rhodesianman] Man, that truly sucks.
I'm sorry for your troubles.
Rhodesianman · 51-55, M
[@841775,Budwick] Thanks after 2 years kinda learnt to live with it cant cure it so hey that's life gotta make the best of it .
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I Have Sepsis
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