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I Pretend I'm Okay

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very hard to keep interest in old men you do not have the interest in. very hard to be interest in the men and hope it ends to get money and go. some no respect you, no be nice. you can be hit. you are secret the old men with a family or wife you are secret. i feel bad. i am pain.
31-35, M
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Oct 13, 2017
Maybe stop trying to go after old men for their money.

Get a real job and a legit relationship you are actually into

Eh?? Just a thought

Feel better soon 馃槵
馃槖 stop being a hooker.. Get a real job
This message was deleted by its author.
Oh :/ it helps to have connections (to get a job) people favor people they know or who are certified or have experience in whatever field or occupation it is they hire for..

Sometimes its better to have a lesser paying job you can be proud of then something that pays a lot that makes you feel like shit

Anyway. Best wishes to you
it seems most people when they are in that type of a relationship with think it is ok to treat people like that. Not sure if you can but maybe you should try to reject clients that treat you so terribly but i guess if your a secret you can't always expect them to be there emotionally but [i]Especially[/i] if they hit you they aren't worth it
Goralski46-50, M
Arrow1736-40, C
I have an old man at home. Men are stingy but they want to get more sexs. I hate that. I will get rid off him after I graduate from the university. I will apply cruise ship jobs to earn good salary and he wont be able to touch me everyday. Men are asshole.
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I Pretend I'm Okay
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