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I Sometimes Can't Talk About Whats Hurting Me

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I'm in that place right now. Honestly, having a helpful conversation with anyone I know IRL about *anything* REAL that's going on with me seems like wishing for the impossible, particularly if it means they would have to talk to me on a re...
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46-50, F
4 replies
Jan 29, 2017
Mostly because I have no one to talk to.
26-30, F
5 replies
Feb 11, 2016
Emptiness... Every day, I am feeling more and more distant with him and my reality. Last night, I walked without him with my dog. He was waaay too tired so I told him to rest. I was buried in thoughts during my stroll. Many hav...
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36-40, F
2 replies
Nov 21, 2012
34 people say
I Sometimes Can't Talk About Whats Hurting Me
When the words just won't come out
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Updated: 3 mths ago
Categories: Dating and Relationships, Relationship Struggles
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