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I Need A Place Away From Everything

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Sorry my profile went away for a few hours. :'( I just needed time to think. I know a few hours can never really do that but it normally can for me.... Tbh I just wanna run far away, I know I sometimes sound peppy and happy but most times IRL ...
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18-21, F
11 replies
Oct 6, 2019
Haven't been on here for about 2 years. Feels great to be back and i hope to meet some very interesting people.
31-35, F
7 replies
Jun 30, 2019
"Take Me Home To a Place Were My Heart Is Full And I'm Surrounded By Grace.. Take Me Away From This World, And Everything That I've Dreamed Replace.."
1 reply
Mar 13, 2017
When I was 17 or 18 I had a close friend live with me for a couple of months during one of his early attempts to get away from his abusive mother (he eventually ended up moving in with his grandparents). Before this, there were a zillion times when w...
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36-40, M
1 reply
Nov 26, 2015
I am suffocating here. Despondency has attached itself to my heart. Yearning for an escape, I have yet to find. A place to immerse myself in solitude, and listen to my Soul.
22-25, F
8 replies
Sep 27, 2015
Okay, so I'm in a really emotionally messy place right now. I have been for a few days. EP needs to have a "messy" mood option. Honestly, half the time the list doesn't include an option for how I'm feeling at a given time, o...
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36-40, M
2 replies
Aug 23, 2015
The River: I need a place away from everything. I believe it is vital on order to retain some measure of sanity in my life. Whenever I move or go on vacation or leave my environment for an extended period of time, I find myself a "spot...
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26-30, F
0 replies
Feb 6, 2014
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I Need A Place Away From Everything
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