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I Love Power Tools And This Group Is For Both Sexes

Yeah I`m late posting this. These tools are what any handy person should have. Best hurry though. They`re going fast. 馃槵

*disclaimer* SW mods and Admins. This is in no way a advertisement or soliciting for monies. It is a joke.

[image deleted]
Livingwell61-69, M
I need a whale cutting knife...馃槈

My tools..
[image deleted]
[image deleted]
@Livingwell Oh I've got chests full of tooling.

Sounds good enough for me. The dialing them in part is what I was asking. I know from sources they are like all the other China doll mills they need a little fine tuning at home but that's fine.
Livingwell61-69, M
@MethDozer You are correct. The table keys needed so fine tuning to make the table solid. I鈥檓 a novice so you can do a much better job than I. I definitely recommend a DRO. I bough an inexpensive set and hard wired the power.
Degbeme70-79, M
@Livingwell You best get that whale knife. Going fast. ;)
newtomountainlife56-60, M
馃槼 I want the garden hose extension cord!! 馃槀
Degbeme70-79, M
@newtomountainlife That one is an excellent idea. 馃き
JustNik51-55, F
My dad steered me wrong. 馃様
Wol6251-55, M
@JustNik Don't they all? 馃し鈥嶁檧锔
Degbeme70-79, M
@JustNik Still time to learn. ;)
goliathtree56-60, M
I knew the Chinese were out to get us!
Degbeme70-79, M
@goliathtree and your money. ;)
What a strange group title.
Degbeme70-79, M
@SevenTierCrazyCake Might have been brought over from EP.
@Degbeme must've been, no? Can we make group here?
Degbeme70-79, M
@SevenTierCrazyCake We can`t but apparently if you write to one of the admins they`ll do one up if it meets approval. I`m only relaying what I`ve read. Whether its true or not, I don`t know.
AllAboutLaffs70-79, M
Everyone needs some kind of gauge .... they always come in handy .... 馃槀
Degbeme70-79, M
@AllAboutLaffs I know, right. ;)
sunrisehawk61-69, M
Gosh I really wanted that hose extension cord combo
Degbeme70-79, M
@sunrisehawk Still in stock. 馃構
DragonFruit61-69, M
A carpenter鈥檚 dreidel? 馃
Degbeme70-79, M
@DragonFruit Those are selling fast. Get your order in. 馃槵
Degbeme70-79, M
@4meAndyou Cordless hammer? 馃
@Degbeme 馃槀 I was also very fond of the carpenter's dreidel...馃槀
Degbeme70-79, M
@4meAndyou Every handy person needs one of those. ;)
DazedFamiliar26-30, T
Cute 馃ぃ馃槅馃槣
SmartKat56-60, F
Degbeme70-79, M
@SmartKat Manual chainsaw? 馃
Powderflask31-35, M
I need a garden hose extension cord! The radio would make washing my truck more fun :)
Degbeme70-79, M
@Powderflask Might I suggest wearing rubber soled shoes. 馃槵
Niloo46-50, F
Hmmmmmmmm, CHAINSAWWWWWWW馃槇馃槇馃か
Livingwell61-69, M
MartinTheFirst22-25, M

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I Love Power Tools And This Group Is For Both Sexes
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