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I Love My Girlfriend

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I'm bisexual but I've always had a preference toward men and used to tell myself that I would never enter a romantic relationship with a woman. But then along came the woman who would become my current girlfriend and she totally changed my mind. 😟 We've been dating for a little over four years now and I see it going on for many years more... ❤
26-30, F
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Nov 17, 2016
Edited: 3 yrs ago
What matters is your feelings and happyness ;)
Nomad84 · 61-69, M
That sounds wonderful. I am happy for both of you.
Carver · 26-30, F
I'm not sure what she sees in an introvert beanstalk like me. She could've had any man or another woman much prettier than me. Yet she still wanted me.

But I try not to dwell on those insecurities and just be happy and honored to have her in my life. So much that I don't even have the words and sat in front of my computer for over an hour thinking of what to type in this story because I didn't even know where to begin. 😓

There's a lot more to tell about her but I'll just leave it at that. I'm sure you guys get the picture anyway. 😅
Nomad84 · 61-69, M
Whatis is important is that she chose YOU , no-one else, she chose you because she loves you.
bellybuttonfan17 · 31-35, M
@Carver: And that's the magic of love.. And also you need to STOP asking yourself if you're worthy of her , young Lady. You are more than you realize and I am sure she does. Her actions speak louder than words... You should listen ! ;) :) 🤗
Hey there she sees in you what you dont see in you, I believe we are our worst critics....we cant see the beautiful beings we are, it takes someone else to see all our beautiful imperfections....I am super happy for you. :)
SW User
Cherish these moments dear.
DaveLiam78 · 26-30, M
I am disappoint. Yes. I can't even finish the word.
Carver · 26-30, F
Why? What's it to you?
wunderluv · 46-50, M
May I ask how you like bisexuality now that you're "in it"? <<<No pun
Carver · 26-30, F
@wunderluv: That's a bit more personal than I'm comfortable with sharing.
wunderluv · 46-50, M
Oh.. Ok I don't mean to have you share what you're comfortable with.. That said maybe you should that I am absolutely nong judgemental.. I could likely help you when if you are ready in figuring out the parts that you don't get ok.. I value my ability very delicately help in these types of matters as I am very open minded and I actually do care about people.. Certainly people that are exploring new experiences and changing their ways of thinking about something as intimate as your ideas about your own sexuality, need lots of support and care.. I'm here if you want.. I hope that you understand that having read some of your profile so far that my approach of a little bit curiousity, but mainly out care.. Honest 😉
wunderluv · 46-50, M
Oh! Also, if you want we can talk privately about rather in an open public forum.. Anything said to me remains absolutely confidential
Imbecky · 26-30, F
I'm glad you found her

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I Love My Girlfriend
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I'm bisexual but I've always had a prefe... | I Love My Girlfriend | Similar Worlds