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I Smile Even Though I Am Sad

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I Smile Even Though I Am Sad
Life had broken her, but her smile told a different story
SW User
+ 6 5 replies 21 views Aug 28, 2016 |
I Smile Even Though I Am Sad
In general I am a happy person, there are a few things that can make me sad. Love is one of those things, don't get me wrong I like being in love and have someone that cares about me and cuddles with me. But love makes me emotional and insecure ...
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36-40, M
+ 2 3 replies 12 views Aug 12, 2016 |
I Smile Even Though I Am Sad
people who abandoned me....even tho they promised to hurts.......i smile because m parents don't know amd dont understand.....they know about me having online friends, but they dont understand what my online friends mean to me.....t...
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+ 0 1 reply 0 views Jul 9, 2015 |
I Smile Even Though I Am Sad
Mostly. Things are getting worse on my end as far as family goes. My mother is most definitely talking to other men and referring to my dad (her husband) as her "ex" in text messages. Really breaks my heart. I was always so used to being cl...
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22-25, F
+ 0 2 replies 0 views Jun 15, 2015 |
I Smile Even Though I Am Sad
I just found out my grandpa almost passed away this past week. He's doing better then he was. I have been with him today for most of my day. He's lost so much weight it makes me wanna cry. But I'll be here to see him every day. Spend ...
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36-40, F
+ 0 2 replies 0 views Dec 1, 2014 |
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I Smile Even Though I Am Sad
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