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I Am Difficult to Get to Know

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I Am Difficult to Get to Know
More like, "I'm difficult to understand." Either way, I'm a difficult person. I'm quiet. You won't get much out of me for life. I mind my own business. I'm not much of a talker unless I'm being talked to, I giv...
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18-21, M
+ 1 5 replies 2 views Dec 31, 2016 |
I Am Difficult to Get to Know
I am kind and affectionate but it is hidden behind a wall. I have created a cold demeanor that when coupled with my temper can drive anyone away. I am loyal to my friends and help them whenever I can but I can't approach people. Not because I wo...
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22-25, M
+ 0 1 reply 0 views Jan 11, 2014 |
I Am Difficult to Get to Know
Difficult? How About Impossible... -The reason is surprisingly simple. When someone is difficult to get to know, that is because they have built up massive walls around themselves, and to get through to that person, you have t...
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31-35, M
+ 0 4 replies 0 views Oct 4, 2013 |
I Am Difficult to Get to Know
I'll Never Be Good Enough... i'm not like other girls i have bpd, im sentimental, i have trusting issue, im needy, i want a long term relationship i'll never be good enough for anyone, that's why every singl...
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22-25, F
+ 0 1 reply 1 views Sep 1, 2013 |
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I Am Difficult to Get to Know
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