I Will Take As Many Words As I Want To Write This Story
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Regarding 2020

Regarding 2020

I think what we learned about the human heart and spirit is important. We saw the human condition ripped apart of it seams. So much of what we took for granted we now were forced to live without.

There was a loss of community-and of being part of one.

It taught us what we could live with. What we had to live without and what we did not need. It reassigned our priorities and our convictions.

Some goodbyes were last goodbyes.

It showed that in Paris, Prague, London. New York, and LA, that on a clear day you COULD see forever. If only corporate greed did not make that impossible. We saw nature reclaim what was always hers.

So many could not be there as loved ones passed on. There was no holding of hands or hearing a last gasp. There were phone calls from remote locations. There was no viewing of the body--the 2020 plague allowed for no closure for so many. Bodies could not be buried for that would release this when so many efforts were being used to contain it.

Maybe we learned that we should say what we never did before instead if keeping our feelings quiet, celebrate life and put issues aside. Apologize instead of letting old feelings stew.
I think we learned to say "I love You" far more often than before because tomorrow offers no guarantees and the plague was indiscriminate. Does one truly know the depths of sadness and sorrow another may feel and how those 3 words may change that persons psyche and being?

We learned that despair can lead to grief and depression rather quickly. The 2020 Plague was-and remains a major trauma.

We watch Doctors, nurses and care giving staff try to fight--try to contain something they did not understand and were ill equipped to handle. We prayed for them. Many have died because of doing what they were trained to do.

We learned there are "essential" workers and "disposable" workers. Even in the highest levels of a hierarchy. People become discardable commodities--or were they always seen as that by corporations and employers?

We were told we had to live as an island, isolated, quarantined and remote. We were told that after a life of being told otherwise. That people need people. Was it not John Donne that penned "No Man is an Island" in 1624? And while Paul Simon may have tried to rebuke that saying "he was a rock/he was an island-"and an island never cries" I found the collective human experience crying more than I ever thought it would last year.

Please remember that even in Despair Hope can be found.

Maybe 2021 is a year for hope?

---Elandra (posted by author for personal use)
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Bri89 · 31-35, M
I agree. The sad thing is, humans, have a tendency to forget, so I don't know which of these lessons with stick with us, and which of them we will ignore.

I remember I was never allowed to say "I love you" to someone and no one understood that forming relationships is healthy and natural. The sad thing is, if I tried it again, I don't think that those specific people would have learned that lesson.
[@1201485,Bri89] We will not soon forget what lest year and how last year was- and how it interrupted our way of life; of living. One needs to only visit a morgue to be reminded of that.

I'd rather we as a people focus on hope--hope for a better tomorrow first and let healing and closure come with that. Some are still in shock- this was a major trauma and without therapy it will be hard for many to move on..

We are a forgetful lot. I HOPE we do not forget soon.
TheBannibalOne · 61-69, M
[@1202043,TheBannibalOne] Thanks for reading me. This made no judgements. It had no solutions.It just offered a version of clarity of a year many would like to forget.
TheBannibalOne · 61-69, M
[@7789,Elandra77] years ago i would have really worried about it.The way the world is now,
I'm retired and hardly go anywhere.
If I feel better I may go some places.
[@1202043,TheBannibalOne] Like you I've seen all of the 1960's as well. I'm also retired. There was a sense of dread last year the 60's lacked. We saw a global kiiler take lives without warrant and without regard.

I'm not an introverted but a Extroverted introvert. I need to see people, faces. smiles, frowns. freckles and dimples. in 2020 all of that was gone. In 2020 we lost our humanity. Our sense of being and community.

I fear for the world as well but I can't let that consume me.
[quote]Please remember that even in Despair Hope can be found.[/quote]

No truer words spoken. Hope is eternal if we choose to seek it...💕
Peaches · F
YES❣️🤗💫What a wonderful heartfelt post. We need to get back to the basics of what really matters for us all to thrive and really LIVE...[i][b][c=BF0000]LOVE♥️[/c][/b][/i]

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I Will Take As Many Words As I Want To Write This Story
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