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I Will Take As Many Words As I Want To Write This Story

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---[b]For Her---[/b]

My reply to the challenge of May16th.

Choose at least four of the words below:
(And by request "feminine" )

[b]FOR HER---[/b]

[c=#BF0000]She was a fireball of temperament and passion.
And yet, she had that sparkling smile-
You know the one. The one that may make a young man smile inside
N' melt an older man's heart. Yes, that one. Sly glance and all.

Maybe that was the attraction if one can be so obvious or even callous?
Yet, I always saw it as a lot more. More than a smile and more than any temperament.
Or even a learned opinion.. There was a certain spark with her. Oh with many to be sure,
But I am not speaking of them and how darling they are. Just her.

I saw how other women regaled her;confiding secrets to her other ears never heard.
I am sure you are all aware of secret smiles and how they can leave you wondering.
She was as a caged bird set free, whose femininity, although never restrained, shone
Much brighter now that the shackles fell loose. I could let myself love her. If only..

I took her in my arms. Skin against skin, breathe against breath. Two souls searching.
No longer lost, no longer inhibited by conditions and expectations she was as a seductress.
One who let herself be seduced at times! It was life energy but it was renewed life energy. A lost little girl no more she loved with the desire of a woman in love with life itself.[/c]

My advice---do fall in love with a poet!


17 replies
May 15, 2019
Littleboxofsecrets · 36-40, F
How can I count how many things I love about this?! You just wrote with the oldschool passion I remember! I've read it several times over, taking something new away from it each time. What girl wouldn't want to fall in love with a poet?! This is a beautiful ode...I'm green with envy at how you pull it off. The picture goes perfectly with your words. Wonderful work as always, my sweet friend, with an extra spark to this one. Your mind is magical.🌷✨
[@584388,Littleboxofsecrets] Well...yeah that is probably true.. Here is a harder structure to write in.

It should not take you much to tap into your inner sexy and mischievous self again. Now to phrase it so SW does not get offended. lol

You always were a passionate person.
Littleboxofsecrets · 36-40, F
[@7789,Elandra77] I'll think up something, perhaps about cotton candy. That's safe.🤔😉
[@584388,Littleboxofsecrets] depends where one wants the cotton candy, how sweet they wish to feel, what they want sticky and what they wish to eat.

OMG! Did I just say that?!!!lol 🤔🤭
SailingSlow · 56-60, M
[@889210,SailingSlow] Thanks for this! Frost is fave poet after Poe! It was nice reading this. Thanks for stopping by.
Peaches · F
Your words flow like wine, 🍷💜🍷 I'm delightfully drunk.
[@364304,Peaches] If wine be the food of life then play on , play on...

Or that may be music that is the food of life but drunk on wine sounds like a plan.

Glad you found this and that you related to it. It had a base simplicity that can be related to easily. ( or not-my assessment)🍷
HeavenBesideYou · 51-55, F
I love this! So beautifully written, as always.

And I love the celebration of the feminine I am seeing on site this morning.
[@41729,HeavenBesideYou] I have not read that many submissions but of the ones I have read i liked that same celebration as well.

This was a champion of the heart and soul of a woman and of how she lived--and loved. Perhaps it was more of an observation than a love letter to one to one so revered? And yet, there is that unmistakable passion in to and to it that speaks of more than mere fascination?

Off topic(from this) I brought up the subject of feminine, the divine feminine, and femininity and the changing roles of it(and how it is perceived!) in society. This had nothing to do with feminism or feminazis as that is an entirely different topic and comments related to that were dismissed before they started . This was IRL. It was a topic that took up most of the meeting.
HeavenBesideYou · 51-55, F
[@7789,Elandra77] Maybe it is just my focus today, but I am definitely enjoying the feminine being honored in so many posts I’m coming across here this morning.

Jlhzfromep · 56-60, M
Wonderfully written
[@27856,Jlhzfromep] Thank You.

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I Will Take As Many Words As I Want To Write This Story
I was getting tired of all the 6,10,12,15,20 , and 50 words story groups. I'm sure there are others. But those few words are often not enough.
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