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So, I watched this video about Tinder Fails....
And there was this 19-year-old girl named Tristyn (spelling?) who said a bunch of great things about herself, and then said she's been single for two years. Immediately after that,she said, "p.s. I'm pretty racist and don't date black guys or people with accents." So I thought to myself, "Ah, you're racist, and you've been single for two years? You don't say!! Well, maybe some racist person will date you." But then I realized that even racist people have accents, since everyone has an accent. And since she won't date anyone with an accent, she'll have to date someone who is incapable of speaking (who is not black) or date no one at all.

I know you guys probably don't care, but sometimes people's stupidity is entertaining to me.
22-25, M
34 replies
Nov 19, 2016
Thegreateast · 26-30, M
I think she meant accents that are different then her own
Thegreateast · 26-30, M
More or less... its a semantical point that ur getting at... a arguement over meanings... accent is like the word foreigners. We are all foreigners to someone else, but I wouldn't call myself a foreigner. Because I'm from where I am.. I'm a native... kinda get it?
33person · 22-25, M
I get it, but at the same time, when people in America (or England or Scotland or Ireland or Northern Ireland or Wales or Australia or Canada or Lebanon or Bangladesh) use that lingo that they don't have an accent, it demonstrates a degree of ethnocentrism that it's best not to have. That said, most people do that. I do see your point.
@Thegreateast: 🤔
SW User
I think you're putting too much though into people that actually use tinder :)
33person · 22-25, M
True, lol
I think it is best if that woman doesn´t breed.
It is not racist if a person does not date someone of a different skin color or accent. Everybody has a "type", a preference, if you will.
@TheUnknown: That's still judging them, if judging is really the issue.
@bijouxbroussard: Then I guess, everyone judges anyway, it doesn't matter.
@TheUnknown: That's all I'm saying. The reasons are your own.
SW User
I hope she doesn't reproduce
33person · 22-25, M
Well, if no one will date her, I think your wish will come true.
SW User
Fredbloggs · 26-30, M
I agree completely. People like her amaze me that they can even feed themselves they're so idiotic.
CrazyCatLady · 31-35, F
Well, that explains her loneliness.

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