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Embarrassing & Funny

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What was the most embarrassing thing that happened to you
26-30, F
28 replies
Nov 16, 2016
vader211241-45, M
I was in Taekwondo and practicing a jump kick when I had a "wardrobe malfunction" due to the drawstring on my pants snapping. 馃槼
aside from regularly being mistaken for a 4th grader?
ashley9026-30, F
dunpender80-89, M
Having my photo taken when I was a boy, naked with an erectionnlol
newstu56-60, M
zipper down in front of class
deadpoolshady22-25, M
Walked in on a group of girls changing - well they were already done changing, and I was actually led in there by someone who made a bit of a mistake but still.
Never got to apologize.
And not going into any more detail than that. Lol.
hami109136-40, FVIP
When I was 11 fell into a grave playing ghost in the graveyard with my friends and so far nothing has topped it.
deadpoolshady22-25, M
Gaze upon death! Gaze upon death!
I don't even know where to begin my entire life is one long embarrassing moment XD
tallerthanyou26-30, F
A *big* fart in the car at the beginning of a date.
ashley9026-30, F
Did he laugh
tallerthanyou26-30, F
No, he got all whiny. He kind of sucked anyway so looking back it's not so bad.

What's yours?
newstu56-60, M
'atta girl
vader211241-45, M
Your turn, Ashley.
ashley9026-30, F
There was a fashion show at college and and while walking the ramp, my heel you can make out
vader211241-45, M
Yes. I can picture it!
dirtydaddee61-69, M
@ashley90: ooops
I don't get embarrassed.

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Embarrassing & Funny
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