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Does anyone else blame inanimate objects for their own mistakes?
The amount of times I write a text and then read it over and it's all misspelled and makes no sense....and I actually curse my phone for being stupid and not doing it right 馃榿
26-30, F
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Pherick36-40, M
I am pretty sure my phone hates me and misspells things on purpose to make me look stupid.
ForeverRaindrops3326-30, F
@Pherick: I think we may be onto something here. A large stuffed crust meat feast pizza gets delivered and I just look at my phone in disbelief and say "oh I can't believe this has happened again, I thought we talked about this?" Then a sigh and to the delivery guy " it's free right? If I didn't actually order it myself?"
Pherick36-40, M
@ForeverRaindrops33: Oh man, if my phone ordered my pizza like that, I would make it my new best friend! :)
ForeverRaindrops3326-30, F
@Pherick: yeah...why doesn't my phone ever do that? Stupid useless phone.
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FreeSpirit146-50, F
If I bump into something I glare at it like it's the objects fault
ForeverRaindrops3326-30, F
馃槀 I do this too. Especially if it happens out in public
FreeSpirit146-50, F
@ForeverRaindrops33: Exactly
hunkalove61-69, M
I'm here on an ancient iPod and sometimes my fingers don't work very well and sometimes autocorrect turns it all into gibberish. I always blame it on the iPod, not my fumbly fingers, and there are times I want throw it at the wall!
I'm inanimate then.
Pigeon1234518-21, M
its bad manners. curse urself instead of the phone
All the time!馃槆

After all - inanimate objects [b][i]rarely[/i][/b] argue about it, so why not?!馃槈

As for mobile phones, they were sent from hell to drive us all round the bend!!馃槺
SW User
Well we really don't watch to blame ourselves for we...
DutchGravitas41-45, M
I get that sometimes. It's quite annoying.
yes blame them ,curse them etc etc

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